14 Responses to How do I take money out of a bank account and hide it before a divorce?

  1. Eggolas M says:

    You want to figure out how to hide assets and there is a wealth of information on how to discover hidden assets:


    It will take time and preparation. If discovered …. well, let’s just say you’ll need some good legal advice.

    One point though, assets owned prior to the marriage, if held separately, can be excluded from the division in many jurisdictions. It depends upon your state.

    You will need legal counsel.

  2. acermill says:

    When she hires her divorce attorney, those records will come to light. The judge handling the divorce will want to know what happened to this money suddenly. What will be your answer ?

    Sounds to me like you want to screw over your ex-wife to be. She should consider herself lucky when she finds out you want to dump her.

  3. Shirley W says:

    Wow that is not easy you need to talk to an accountant and a lawyer. That is not anything that you can play with . It may be possible to place it in your child’s name and just have become the responsible adult in charge of it but don’t do that before talking to an accountant and a lawyer! Good luck

  4. Patches6 says:

    Stuff a mattress

  5. Venette says:

    No offense, but that seems a little selfish, especially because you want to divorce her. I’m sure you can work something out that doesn’t involve being greedy.

  6. anyname15 says:

    don’t get married in the first place or don’t divorce or put it in a different account temperarly like a friend’s or something then change your pin and you are good to go.

  7. Huynh T says:

    I fell so bad that some one want to dump some one else , but it is life. You can take money out your bank with a small amount like several thousand and hire some where.

  8. Ann says:

    Trying to hide money in this manner will only come back to bite you. The most profitable idea would to be honest. Explain that a majority of this was saved before the marriage. It can also be used as leverage for what you or she might want. Every thing is negotiable until it is final! Good Luck!

  9. Miss Alexis says:

    Yes, you wil be held accountable for those funds. It doesn’t work. People try it all the time, but it’s fraud, and it will be figured out. The only option is to temporarily give it to a family member or friend as a gift/loan with no intent to collect. But, they make keep that money, so you might not get it back.

    Either way, don’t bother screwing the woman with the money. It’s not worth it. Try to keep things as clean as possible, give her that share, and leave it lie.

    Oh, and by the way, divorce is wrong. Just wanted to throw that in there.

  10. mathguy99 says:

    I have a good idea… be a man and fix your marriage.

  11. DR DEAL says:

    Fred, your going into nomads land.The funds that were yours before should still be yours if you did a prenuptial agreement,also it depends on what state you live in.
    Buying gold or coins brings in a fee, and with the low price of gold the only one making money are the sellers.
    And you don’t want a judge telling you to provide a list of assets ether.
    Whats the trouble in your relationship, to bring about these get into trouble if you get caught trying to hide things endeavor ?

  12. juicyah says:

    contact nitron circle of experts

  13. Artman says:

    Buying gold and coins is not a good idea, you need to pay taxes for gold plus you might lose money on the resale and coins might be a risky investment if you are not an expert, besides those sale records will show up .

    The safe desposit box of your mother is a good idea, you can hide the cash in there, but if something serious happen to your mother it might be hard or impossible to open the safe deposit box without her (so talk to a lawyer about how to keep control of that safe even if she is gone, maybe a "power of attorney" will work or to state on her "will" that you will keep the safedeposit). I would try to get more than one safe deposit box on someone else name besides your mother (but is hard to trust someone besides your own mother).

    You can also open a bank account in a foreing country with strict privacy laws Like Switzerland, Panama or Singapore. If we are talking about big money it would not be a bad idea to talk to a lawyer and an economical advisor, I’m sure there are many legal loopholes that can be used in your favor.

    And yes the records will show that you took money but if you do it on small amounts and not to close to the divorce they will have no way to prove you did to hide it (big money trasnfers will not look good). You can claim you have a gamblimg problem, or drinking and clubing and that you spend all the money, is not a crime to spend your money (be careful not to lie about stuff that can be traced back). They can only make you responsable for the money you have now, not for the money you used to have.

  14. Bryan A says:

    Nope. You’re converting marital assets. The gold purchased with fund acquired during the marriage is still deemed marital property for divorce proceedings in most jurisdictions.

    The only way is an offshore account in a foreign jurisdiction like Switzerland. She wouldn’t be able to get to them and since they’re in a foreign country under certain bank secrecy laws, they can’t be seized. But you’re likely to get in trouble with the judge for moving them offshore (I mean, you REALLY think she’s going to think you’ve got nothing?)

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