How do I get my dad and stepmom to get a divorce?

My dad and stepmom dont love eachother anymore basicly.They fight all the time,are miserable,and have nothing in common.My dad always says how he is going to get a divorce and this time I think he is serious.How can I make sure he goes through with it?
Plus,I hate my step mom and my step sister.So, I cant wait until they get a divorce.But,It seems like my dad is afraid of my stepmom because he does everything she tells him to do and its usually bad things.I know its none of my buisness,but I dont care.
Sorry I put it in the wrong catigory!
Dident mean too!

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    13 Responses to How do I get my dad and stepmom to get a divorce?

    1. Nancy Kay says:

      You are right. It is NONE of your business. Stay out of it, period.

    2. rach says:

      Let them get over their marriage, it’s not your job.

    3. jessa‚ô• says:

      tell your dad…

    4. Wolfsburgh says:


      There was nothing you could have done to prevent them from marrying, and consequently, there is nothing you can do or say to make them divorce.

      Your dad will file when he’s ready to do it…

    5. biker_beeotch says:

      WOW. Have you told your Dad the way you feel? I would make that a #1 priority and maybe even tell him that you put this out there. My heart goes out to you and I wish you the best.

    6. countrygirl says:

      You cant make them get a divorce. Have you talked to your dad about how you feel? That would be the best thing to do. Maybe if he realizes that this is affecting you in such a negative way, then he’ll do something about it. I dont get why and what kind of bad things she makes him do. He should stand up for himself if he’s being made to do things that he shouldnt. I feel bad for the two of you. I hope you and your dad gets happy soon.

    7. AZ Imagined says:

      Yep…best advice is to simply tell your Dad how you feel. That or you could tell your step mom that your dad is having an affair and let her divorce him. She’ll get half his stuff either way.

    8. cowgirl_meg95 says:

      Well, I know that some men can be afraid of women sometimes. To make them get a divorce, what i would do is act like a spoiled brat around your step mom. call her bad names or say bad stuff about her, like your ugly, or your breath smells like a Buffalo’s butt. LOL! Mainly what i would do is get her really mad, then she"ll probably realize that she can’t put up with it. GOOD LUCK!

    9. truth d says:

      Let nature take its course dear … every time your stepmom gets your dad something bad to do / nags at him for sure it contributes to your dads reasoning for getting that divorce.

      Dont interfere because it can blow up in your face. I’m guessing there may be legal preparations and other things your father has to do first before divorcing i.e. the wife gets half of EVERYTHING … including visiting rights to YOU

    10. billie s says:

      to start off dont push your dad to get a divorce. it will make it more stressfull on him. let him do it when he fells it is right. but on the other had ask him how his marriage is going and if he is lying then let him know. ask him if he is happy with his life right know.ask what does she do for him,what do she do to make him. just ask him questions to get to his emotional side. them tell him how you fell about her and then let him know that it hurts you to see things like this.tell him how she makes you fell.
      tell him fearing from a women is the last thing a man needs. she walks all over him and thats why he wont leave.

    11. ahleks says:

      divorce is a serious matter and your dad always think 10x before going through with it. i don’t know entirely the situation he is in but maybe he is also thinking about you that is why is always backs off when he is thinking about a divorce…. my advise is talk to your dad.

    12. c2a3j4u5n6 says:

      Erin, you can not possibly live other people’s lives for them. the same way you can not choose peoples friends for them. i’m quite sure that they know of divorce as an option…however they choose not to go this route for their own reasons. love, is a relative term and i am also sure you do not know their relationship MOST COMPLETELY.
      Additionally, i respect their respect for their marrige vows, you know, ‘in good times, and in bad,’ ‘for better or worse.’ etc.
      it is most important that when we make promises…that we keep them……….not for the neighbors or the kids, but for our own integrety. in other words, keep your promises for yourself.

    13. zahbudar says:

      Okay, you really want to do this? Right?

      Okay. I understand. You do realize tht this is going to cause
      a lot of trouble, however.

      First thing to do is save up a lot of money.
      Then purchase two air plane tickets for you and your dad to
      fly to some far away place that you would like to go and live.
      Say maybe you choose Orlando, Fla., or Los Angeles, Cal.

      Next thing to do is look long and hard at the help wanted ads
      in the newspapers of the city that you choose for your place to escape to. You are looking for a new job for your Dad in that city. When you find one that seems neat, show the ad to him and see if he thinks he might like that kind of job. If so, maybe he will get the idea from you, and start thinking about it.

      Get a pad of paper and make notes about all of the things you will need to take with you to the new place. Only plan on taking those things which are really yours. Figure out how many bags that
      stuff will fit into. I recommend only two bags. You can carry one
      in each hand.

      Sit down with your Dad and show the list to him. Explain to him that you have been thinking about you and him leaving and that this list is a list of the things you want to take with you. That should make him think one more time about leaving for real.

      Beyond that, I am afraid to say any more because I feel that you are a minor and what I have said already is maybe a bit to much. The key to all of this is to talk with your Dad, and let him know that you are unhappy also, and want to go somewhere else.

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