How complicated is it to file for divorce yourself through the courts in Texas?

I would like to file for divorce in Texas and would like to know how complicated the process really is. We have one child together, but other than that, there are no assests, no large amounts of money to divide or anything like that. What are my options?

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6 Responses to How complicated is it to file for divorce yourself through the courts in Texas?

  1. jmcupp2000 says:

    Normally it would not be a problem as long as you don’t have children. Since you do have a kid involved, I suggest you see a paralegal. They are just as informative and helpful as lawyer, but much more affordable and they take payment plans.

  2. des says:

    Just go online and print out the form and take it in 60-90 days later its done.

  3. primalclaws1974 says:

    Probably no more difficult than any state. It should be pretty easy if there are no assets. The visitation or custody is a separate court, however.

  4. BILL h says:

    go see a divorce lawyer and get advice.a lot of times the first consultation is free.that lawyer will tell you everything you need to know.if you are doing everything in a mature manner everything should go smoothly.good luck.

  5. K M says:

    Don’t get a divorce! It’s not worth it. The pain is more trouble than it’s worth. When you got married you did it for better or worse. The situation you in is the worse, but it will get better if you stay committed. If you are being physically abused, then don’t live together, but don’t end the marriage. Divorce is cop out. You’re better than that.

  6. lorisam7879 says:

    I used a document prep service. They prepare the divorce papers for you and you take them to the court house and file them. They will only help if its an uncontested (agreed upon) divorce. Contested divorces require lawyers. And yes, they also help when children are involved.

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