How can I toilet train my son and avoid the battle of wills we are having?

I waited too long and now he is 34 months old. He is physically ready but refuses to cooperate with us when we bring him to the "potty".

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7 Responses to How can I toilet train my son and avoid the battle of wills we are having?

  1. ruff says:

    You did not wait too long, research shows age 3 and up is normal for potty training. 30 percent of 3 year olds are not potty trained. The battle of wills is making things worse. Drop the subject and let him do it when he is ready. Bringing it up and trying to make him cooperate will make him not want to do it. Try to relax and wait; after all, everybody gets out of diapers at some point.

  2. Chris says:

    you are making too much of an issue out of it, generally three is the age of toilet training, be patient

  3. jammer says:

    Forcing him won’t get you anywhere. It will come in his own good time. Try not to make an issue of it as these little kids are switched on when it comes to doing something the opposite way. Try rewarding him with little healthy treats. Or, you could make a chart and everytime he goes to the potty, he gets to put a star on the chart. Kids love stickers. Make it a fun project. Don’t stress out.

  4. supersweetfungal says:

    tell him straight up. I don’t want poop on my butt, do you really want that poop on your butt!! Eww!!! That is yucky.

  5. Jocelyn says:

    I work with children ages 18 months to 30 months at a day care. We put our potty training kids on the toilet every 30 to 45 minutes and try to get them to sit for at least a minute to start. Then we increase the time if needed. For the first few times, they get a sticker for sitting for that time and then if they want a sticker they need to pee and then we increase it to if they want a sticker they have to keep their pullup dry and clean and pee or poop. At the end of a week (if the week has gone good) they get something a little bigger, like a smelly marker or a little bouncy ball. Hope this helps in someway!!

  6. jda7419 says:

    patience i went through the same thing with my son i thought id be buying diapers forever

  7. auntietawnie says:

    Wow I feel for you. My nephew would not even try to use the toilet untill he was 3, and even then I still dont think he wanted to. My sister tried sending him to the bathroom with his daddy even tried the Cheerio in the toilet and that still didnt work. I guess it was when my mom suggested turning him around backwards that he started to like sitting on the seat. After she acheived that goal. She started telling him stories about little kids that didnt like to use the potty, and how they couldnt go to school when the time came because the teachers didnt like to change babies. Well by then if you asked him if he was a big boy he would say yes. So he didnt like the idea of being a baby again because he didnt want to use the potty. She worked with him another month or so still sitting him on the seat backwards before he got the hang of what he was suppose to do. After that we never had problems potty training another boy in the family. We have had 2 come since all of this and they both potty trained with no problem. You just have to get him use to the idea of it I guess. Best of Luck

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