How can i start a thesis statement on my parents divorce?

My main points are:
-Short term and long term effects of the divorce
-Development (mental, financial, support)
-Results (positive/negative, ideas, beliefs, and feelings)

This is for my psychological research paper. I chose to do it based on my parent’s divorce. Could someone please help me form a strong thesis statement.

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2 Responses to How can i start a thesis statement on my parents divorce?

  1. Charles Jess says:

    i do not think anyone here in yahoo answers can do it for you and moreover answering such complex questions require deep analysis of theories and research done by others inorder to get a good grade. it is more useful if you use some website like for such task, which i used for mine but remember that it is highly recommend to write your own paper iff you have enough time and knowledge otherwise itz okay to use such helps from these experts. One thing i am sure that they will nevr disappoint you because i know so many mates using such helps and getting decent marks on their papers

  2. suprwmngnbad says:

    I use this one for my papers..

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