How can i get scouted for modeling (UK) for shops like jack wills, topshop and hollister?

I am not absolutely stunning but here’s a description:
-shoulder length curly blond hair
-blue eyes
-pale skin (im 1/4 irish)
-12 years old (i can pass from aged 10-14)
-roughly 5.1 ft
I like in surrey and i was wondering where a good location might to to get scouted.

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    6 Responses to How can i get scouted for modeling (UK) for shops like jack wills, topshop and hollister?

    1. says:

      Jack Wills & Hollister do not do their modelling through an agency, if you go onto the website you can scroll down to the bottom for ‘Jobs’ and it will require you to submit photos.

      Topshop, on the other hand tend to grab their models from storm models.

      Firstly, all of these companies require you to be over 16 years old, so I’m sorry there would be no way on earth they would scout you even if you were the most perfect model for their company – it’s illegal.

      Secondly, to even get scouted as a model you must be 5"8 and over for girls and 5"11 and over for guys, you are 5"1, only a petite modelling agency would apply you, and in this case you wouldn’t get jobs such as Jack Wills, Hollister or deffo not Topshop.

      I’m so sorry honey, to shatter your dreams but there is no way on earth you’ll get these jobs you want, wait 4 years and try 🙂

      and scouters scout in London.


    2. Louzer says:

      I am a guy and I did my first modeling when a male friend of mine invited me with him to take some photos for use by a restaurant. We ate foods and pretended they were delicious while people took photos of us.

      There was a really pretty girl too with us and what I admired in her as a model was that when she was eating in front of the camera she became a different person and acted like the food was truly great.

      There was this one photo in which she took the grapes and while looking up she tried to eat it while she held the grapes in a hanging position. I think that pose she invented was really elegant. Because it showed that the girl was really free at heart enjoying the food.

      So I guess to be a model you should be creative enough to invent poses and pretend like you are happy.

    3. MissMollydoll says:

      Sweetie, dont rush into modeling just yet. The industry will tear you apart since your so young (i’ve seen it)

      Topshop may not take you on cause of your age, even if you can pass for a 14 year old since its still to young. And your height may be a problem also.

      However, you could try for catalogues such as littlewoods, next and so on.

      If you dont really want to listen to me saying what i have, there is the clothes show live thats held in Birmingham for nearly a week every year. Top modeling agencies usually have a booth and scout people all day. Clothes show starts next month.

    4. Hh says:

      i hate to tell you this hun, u migh be absolutly stunning, but 5.1t ? no chance.
      im 5 foot and reli wanted to be a model, but they dont look at anyone under 5’6 . it suks, i wish they would make models smalerxxxxxxxxx

    5. Kittysue says:

      First of all you are too young. To do Jack Wills, Topshop, Hollister, etc you need to be at least 15. You are still considered a Child Model at age 12 no matter how old you look

      Second, at 5’1" there is no chance of modeling for a clothing store. You need to be at least 5’7". But you are still young. I was only 5′ at age 12 but grew to 5’7"

    6. anonymous says:

      you cant be a model for hollister, sorry. you have to be an abercrombie & fitch employee to attend casting and you cant be an employee til youre 17. although you may be able to go online and find a way to be cast for abercrombie kids because there is no way the kids on their marketing are 17+

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