HollyWood Divorce

OutKast Ft. Lil Wayne & Snoop Dogg letting the world know that no matter how much shit we make and they take we always come out with more

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25 Responses to HollyWood Divorce

  1. AshyBone says:

    you got an opinion dog. i agree wit you, to a exstent. lil wayne does suck in most of his songs. he needs ta stop usin fuckin auto-tune and use his real fuckin voice. but when you try ta push ya opinion onta otha people you become the bitch. if otha people like lil wayne dont try ta make them share your opinion then start cussin them out fa disagreein wit you.

  2. TWON56ACE says:

    i think andre 3000..iz a great rapper..i think his even betta then lil wayne…did u hear him on this track..killed it man..if he putz his mind into

  3. maliqueB says:

    ii like diz alreadi listen wid Cam

  4. flingflaminurjimjam says:

    Holy shit, lil wayne actually spoke english!!!

  5. Santi3151 says:

    this is lil wayne’s greatest work to day lol i’m serious look through all his other shit and you can’t anythin as good as this…most importantly he make sense!!

  6. 937insane says:

    fucc lil wayne he succ ass like a lil bkitch nigga bk fuccin slobk Cs up

  7. YungCarverSME says:

    i def agree

  8. YungCarverSME says:


  9. JGsGarden says:

    this is definitely waynes best verse——he absolutely killed this

    “bling bling. I know. and did you know im the creator of the term. i just straightened the perm. tthey let it sit to long. they just makin it burn. make a movie of our lifestyle and they urn like a dead body burned on the mantlepiece”

  10. airsoftgunner10 says:

    have you heard his freestyles?
    i honestly think he is a under estimated rapper and so is asher roth along with big boi
    lil wayne is good but he kinda let that get to his head and now his shit sounds like complete and utter BS
    any1 agree?

  11. joecandito says:

    not even close to being wayne’s best verse

    listen to “scarface” “trouble” any song from da dreought 3 or dedication 2

    stuff like that, all better

    but this is good

  12. joecandito says:

    and i would also say that the hottest wayne verse was
    “dont touch me remix”

    thats sick. “haters” is another good song with a sick wayne verse

  13. fdup69 says:


  14. xxFRESHxxPRINCExx says:

    word, 3000 4 president

  15. Slipnslide305 says:

    I don’t know why Wayne or Snoop dog is on this shit.I can tolerate snoop but they shoulda put someone better on this shit.

  16. eddierob says:

    lil wayne and andre 3000 have so many metaphors in this like at least 4 to each one. lil wayne definitely can right real. i wish he would more often. realest verse of wayne’s. to me anyway.

  17. Jrobinson2009 says:

    damn Big Boi said “M&Ms with no nuts”

  18. iknownothin2006 says:

    how to make crack…..is song or make it work on youtube

  19. overcastfab says:

    @Slipnslide305: don’t hate man, wayne’s verse (one of his best) is crazy

  20. datownkidd says:

    a lot of you got to agree that lil wayne verses are getting better

  21. kennydaniceGUY says:

    one of hip hop best collaborations SNOOP, WEEZY, 3STACKS and DADDY FAT SACKS HIMSELF

  22. EnjoyEB says:

    If Lil wayne rapped like this in every song, I’d be a fan. He does get my respect for this one though. I do have to admit I can’t stand Snoops verse though.

  23. duble006 says:


  24. KillaKushTv says:

    lil wayne is a boss, hate all you want you can’t stop his hustle!

  25. Marquisecrowder says:

    old wayne went hard

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