Hollywood Divorce – Andre 3000 Feat. Lil Wayne, Big Boi & Snoop Dogg

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25 Responses to Hollywood Divorce – Andre 3000 Feat. Lil Wayne, Big Boi & Snoop Dogg

  1. yungduece1 says:

    Respond to this video…
    @Quan7kyle wtf is u talkin bout weezy ripped this

  2. umbreonix says:

    @DJBringTheNoize rebirth was different. its purpose was to open ur mind to what may not have been given a chance otherwise. who else couldve pulled off somethin like that other than wayne?

  3. itzthatnucka says:

    Wayne’s lyrics make as much sense as Cam’ron’s does. Where in the world does candle grease exist, please tell me?

  4. thug8200 says:

    dey all killed it

  5. mdillworth says:

    wow thanks for this song. I missed this song.

  6. t0ki says:

    @comptonny718 Deuces remix…if only you could’ve seen the future before you posted. =/

  7. wolfgangpaco3 says:

    This shytt is bananas ! Str8 up

  8. Dmonster32 says:

    Snoop Doggs rap part is my favorite on here.

  9. razzle9438 says:

    @Quan7kyle NO NO NO! KEEP WAYNE IN!

  10. razzle9438 says:

    this song is SICK!

  11. razzle9438 says:

    @pitbull90 yup foreal!

  12. razzle9438 says:

    @hobbsbd822 and weezy still RICHER THEN YOU FOOL!

  13. razzle9438 says:

    @MurvMuzik yes weezy and andre 3000 killed it!

  14. razzle9438 says:

    @DMigueleFashions yes it is!

  15. razzle9438 says:

    song is SO RAW! BIG UPS TO SNOOP!

  16. hobbsbd822 says:

    @razzle9438 you’re the chump that made him rich. nice job

  17. razzle9438 says:

    @hobbsbd822 one person making an artists rich?fool your mother BOUGHT me the album lol

  18. Slim23J says:

    Andre 3 stacks killed this shit…….wayne too!

  19. hobbsbd822 says:

    @razzle9438 God damn dude, go jerk off to that album. Get outta here with that shit…

  20. razzle9438 says:

    @hobbsbd822 fool you GET LOST! and get off this page talking junk!

  21. razzle9438 says:

    @Slim23J yeah foreal!

  22. wolfgangpaco3 says:


  23. hobbsbd822 says:

    @razzle9438 WEEEEEEEEEZY FUCKING SUUUUUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. razzle9438 says:

    @hobbsbd822 not true…….YOU A HATERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

  25. bigmoneykilla says:

    @wolfgangpaco3 lol

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