Hester Prynne – The Goswell Divorce

Hester Prynne – The Goswell Divorce – The Goswell Divorce www.myspace.com/hesterprynnemetal

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    25 Responses to Hester Prynne – The Goswell Divorce

    1. myfavoriteinflatable says:

      Hester Prynne is from the scarlet letter i blieve^.^ but this band is fuckin brutal

    2. metalxshredxhead says:

      @41numberofthejosh and the funny part was the kid she had was the preacher’s or whatever his title he was.

    3. GutturalTouchdown says:

      Dumbheads OO. Hester Prynne is an artist in poems or something like that. That does not have anything with As Blood Runs Black to do. And with Hester Prynne is meant a man.

    4. codedshadows133 says:

      @41numberofthejosh Hands down, most boring book I’ve ever read.

    5. MurderOfCrowsTV says:

      @azzans From the book “The Scarlet Letter” by Nathaniel Hawthorne

    6. Theend3045 says:

      to bad there on there final tour, they started it last nigth in Cleveland Ohio, we got to open for them :3

    7. MetalXGod666 says:

      @albatross1124 nah brah, Lillith was

    8. ydocsmada says:

      watch books, read movies. hands down

    9. infamousforareason says:

      @TheDarkfire212 Really? Does it make you cum? You listen to music you like and you cum on yourself. Really I don’t see why everyone keeps saying they cum themselves when listening to music. Pretty stupid and childish.

    10. TheDarkfire212 says:

      @infamousforareason Yes, I actually take my metal very seriously. I always get full nude before starting any metal song and give myself a good jerk until I hear the breakdown and just let my cum fly all over the place. Its a wonderful ritual, u should give it a try.

    11. cruzdrum says:

      dude just came from a show in defuniak FL they fucking killed,and with just one guitarist, soo bad ass

    12. khhardstyler7270 says:

      I saw the name and I was thinking, oh no, not scarlet letter again…I thought I was done with that book…
      and then I noticed it was awesome musics.

    13. xVictimOfADownx1 says:

      i’m glad this band is fairly popular, once they are more popular than Suicide Silence though and most deathcore bands in general…..than i’ll be happy

    14. 666colorvision666 says:


      and she commited the adultry with the town pastor. pretty brutal if you think about it.

    15. MitchIsMyHero666 says:

      how do you not kno who hester prynne is.. just sayin.

    16. DethklawExodus says:

      2 words HOO WEE

    17. slash0909 says:

      This band is actually musically good. I liked We Are The End because they knew exactly how a deathcore song should be assembled but they aren’t as musically good as some. This band is musically awesome and they also know how deathcore songs should be… excellent

    18. ryankuisti says:

      @albatross1124 eve was. she fucked every other man on earth.

    19. usmcfate1 says:

      this band is the shit.

    20. NadiGore says:

      This is music!!! AWESOME!

    21. necrocoprophilia says:

      oh my god its so bad.

    22. mathieufiorell says:

      This is kick arse !!!

    23. blazethetrake says:

      bass drops FTW!!!

    24. KyleMcGyle says:

      808 jizz at 0:53 🙂

    25. MrOriginalGaming says:

      Scarlet Letter was a good book, just saying.

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