Hermitage Green: Grounds For Divorce (Elbow Cover)

situation |sichoōˈāshən| noun 1 a set of circumstances in which one finds oneself 2 the location and surroundings of a place Camera and Post Production: Matthew Oliver James Organ Sound: Dave O Brien www.facebook.com Much thanks to the Curragower Bar, Limerick for letting us use their bar. Thanks also to Oran Gyves and Nora O Murchu

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    25 Responses to Hermitage Green: Grounds For Divorce (Elbow Cover)

    1. Chavways says:

      @TakesTwoToTango Do you know who these people are?

    2. TakesTwoToTango says:

      @Chavways No mate, why? ^^

    3. Chavways says:

      @TakesTwoToTango 2 of them play rugby professionally.They only play music on the side.

    4. TakesTwoToTango says:

      @Chavways Figures I don’t know them… We don’t really have rugby in the media here in Belgium xD.
      But you don’t have to be a professional musician to play a mean cover xD. What I like about it is that they’re playing nice and tight, like (in my opinion) the song should be played. Musically it’s nothing on the extreme side, but the atmosphere is awesome ^^.

    5. SuperShakespeare1 says:

      That guy in the back in my university lecturer….

    6. LiamMIRL says:

      soory lads , i hit the dislike button by an accident..

    7. paddycarrus says:

      some cover! keep them goin lads

    8. dimitrovBxr77 says:

      Better than the original imo..

    9. The1888rebel says:

      tiocfaidharla comrades! pure heartfelt bhoys.

    10. SpeakerThingy says:


    11. MetaphorestMusic says:

      Wow this is incredible – the performance and the video – major talent all round!

    12. gingerbhoy says:

      @MetaphorestMusic Ah thanks a million Sarah! The lads have their own youtube channel where the rest of this series is. We are presently releasing a series of three videos with their original material.

    13. MetaphorestMusic says:

      @gingerbhoy Yeah I just checked out a heap of their stuff - all brilliant! I’ll keep an eye out for the videos!

    14. CasillasM2112 says:

      Can’t say this enough, you guys are so talented! I love your music!

    15. louisebakalik says:

      this song gets under the skin and no such thing as not listening and not liking. XXO Louise

    16. Areyourealythatdumb says:

      @gingerbhoy me and you are on two different wave-lengths!

    17. gingerbhoy says:

      @Areyourealythatdumb Are you really that dumb?

    18. Areyourealythatdumb says:

      @gingerbhoy nope 😛 i just really like beards (oh and gratz you are one of the few smart enough to figure out the point in my User name :D)

    19. MikeBohlMusic says:

      I like this.

    20. KirkeySaurus says:

      awesome cover!

    21. UberStrawb says:

      this is amazing!

    22. p1gm4nb0l0x says:

      hon the rugby boys 😀

    23. givingitashot1 says:

      Lads!! This is fucking quality!! Fair play:)

    24. Lauracmc1 says:

      Amazing + Very HOT lad’s!!

    25. CryHavocAndLetLoose says:


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