GTA: Vice City Stories: Mission #15 – DIVORCE

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories: Mission #15 – DIVORCE

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25 Responses to GTA: Vice City Stories: Mission #15 – DIVORCE

  1. What70sShow says:

    another thing, use perfect traction cheats.

  2. kimaah says:

    very hard mission

  3. hhhcenafan1 says:

    i got on a motorbike and used a machine gun to slow the truck down and kill marty

  4. clank47 says:

    fatass says who the fuck are you? lolz

  5. xXx3DvxXx666 says:

    esa mision es re facil !! xD yo amo esa mision

  6. ArmoredRhino says:

    Huh.. Who the fuck are you?

  7. xoxAngelXoXBeautyxox says:

    Shes such a dummy…How Marty going to take care of my kids…

    Vance:What the hell is wrong with u he is dumb as fuck….


  8. scmsboy94 says:

    trouble with cholos, lol.

  9. leafsfan027 says:

    @lewis33224 pit maneuver marty’s truck then shot at it. keep doing that and you should be able to kill marty.

  10. jorden452 says:

    so is this like takin place while that “hurricane” was taking place in vice city? you know the bridges being blocked or w/e well done guys

  11. sw33t23piinay says:

    wow. that is a smart idea.

  12. KayMaySay says:

    i hate this mission fuk it

  13. Jersyarms says:

    glad vic kills marty

  14. cyclop1985 says:

    This mission is not so hard.What you say about the last missions.

  15. bratzmeygan544 says:

    i love louise

  16. UltramanTiga333 says:

    I wanted to have the fun of punching Marty to death,but accidentally ran him over with my car LOL

  17. jjtdoggorila says:

    i killed marty enjoyable i shot him and shot him hit him with a bat punched him and then ran him over (:

  18. ultragarrison says:

    This mission can suck my ass.

  19. XMagicStar says:

    lousise’s sister is so fucking fat!! how can she be related to som1 hot like herslef!?!

  20. pokemon09ph says:

    vote thumbs up if you want to kill marty asshole williams

  21. unusedteabag says:

    im crap at this mission do u have to shoot his car or just crash it up untill he cant drive? i cant wait to kick his little face in

  22. namdec100 says:

    I completed the Mission today. After the first scene where you gotta go and meet Louise at the Trailer Park get a POLICE CAR before you go there. It’s helpful because when you got the sirens on traffic will usually move out of ur way making it easier.

  23. TheOlympicChamp says:

    Thank gosh, Marty is going down!!!!!!

  24. Horrorfan309 says:

    Look at all of these wonderful comments of people talking about killing Marty and how much of an ass he is.
    Thumbs up if you like those comments. ^_^

  25. pokemon09ph says:

    marty shit

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