Gingrich Wife #1 – Harsh New Divorce Details

CNN has uncovered information showing that 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich’s version of events regarding his first divorce. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down. Note: The woman pictured in the thumbnail is Newt’s second wife, Marianne Ginther. Subscribe to The Young Turks: Find out how to watch The Young Turks on Current by clicking here: The Largest Online New Show in the World. Google+: Facebook: Twitter:

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    25 Responses to Gingrich Wife #1 – Harsh New Divorce Details

    1. pgthinker007 says:

      Yes, they did. Actually you get smarter if your parents do the same thing.

    2. Unekwu89 says:

      Well, someone needs to tell Newt that, frankly, he is not smart enough nor upstanding enough to become the president.

    3. gregwi562 says:

      @NCLUSA News Flash: There have been plenty of stories about John Edwards. Do a simple search here as proof.
      Extra Newsflash: John Edwards is not running for president. But Newt Gingrich.

    4. syrscycsw says:

      forevertruth its called a matter of speech. 😉 thats all. thanks.


      The worst part is that he didn’t support the wife and kids. That makes him the sort of dead beat dead that is usually found in the ghettos (about whom I’m sure Newt has a lot to say). Well I don’t like people who can’t take care of their kids. I don’t want this man with his broken soul in the white house.

    6. virtuvianTrace says:

      i say alot that i lost all hope for the us but if newt Gingrich becomes president i really will lose ALL hope.

    7. underdescribed says:

      “CNN has uncovered information showing that 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich’s version of events regarding his first divorce.” This is an incomplete sentence.

    8. bumbro07 says:

      What makes him think that he’s pretty enough to be president?

    9. texmexspm says:

      @buugiman78 I can seriously answer that. Yes they all are in the exception of Ron Paul!

    10. jumpoutatree says:

      This guy has no chance.

    11. TrollAttack1 says:

      Newt keeps it real. Women are like cars, turn them in for a newer model every few years. Holla!

    12. Frances3654 says:

      well, the dumb bitch picked an asshole, that’s what she gets.

    13. divinewords says:

      @IMPALEXANDERAVG Dead beat dads aren’t just found in ghettos!

    14. willden15 says:

      @dfg93353 Not at all. Are you?

    15. kandeesfan316 says:

      @buugiman78 Yes. That’s a very serious answer.

    16. kandeesfan316 says:

      He is so fucking disgusting, i cannot believe ANYONE would wanna be with him, can you imagine wtf he looks like naked? FUCKING EW!….. No way, i can’t believe he can get anyone at all…

    17. NCLUSA says:

      Newt 2012. Newt’s going to put the spurs to the left when he takes office,,,,,Run! Forrest!! (:

    18. buugiman78 says:

      Nixon is often considered one of the worst presidents of USA. He was an arrogant, hypocritical and ruthless fascist. In other words, Nixon really was a very unpleasant character. Still in comparison to the current Republican presidential candidates Nixon seems like a very sweet and sensible man.

    19. shandow15 says:

      @forevertruth1206 That is such an EPIC comment :P

    20. MrLewisTan says:

      Power must be so alluring cause newt doesnt have much if any other favorable qualities about him. He pretty rotten dude,and pretty freaking ugly

    21. pacemaker2point0 says:

      @MrLewisTan I don’t think looks matter in politics, but he sure is fucking rotten.

    22. ZarakiZamusha says:

      @forevertruth1206 Plus pigs are delicious. and humans trash tastes not so nice for me.

    23. 2017Downtown says:

      Yummmm porrrrk….love it.

    24. LordAvoc says:

      You might want to fix the fucked up subtitles!!!!

    25. FacelessForever says:

      He’s soo fucking full of himself its disgusting. Every time he gets anywhere he brags about how great he is. If he gets into office you can expect the whole of the US to turn to shit cause he’s too busy making himself look good for China. Sellout trash

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