Gary Coleman on Divorce Court Part 1

Gary Coleman’s wife tells a dumb story about a stupid fight.

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25 Responses to Gary Coleman on Divorce Court Part 1

  1. strummer126 says:

    crazy horse woman hybrid. Gary can do better.

  2. unique12002 says:


  3. OnyxQuo says:

    Pretty funny. The wife seems to be a little slow. Gary was right in that situation.

  4. chocolategoodness1 says:

    damn crackheads! times must be really hard that he got to fake a divorce to get some type of publicity…..

  5. senam23 says:

    she does sound kind of slow…

  6. frank233345 says:

    i wonder what that guy said that made Mrs. Coleman so angry & Disagreeable :

    “What time do you have ?”
    “Is that guy you’re with Emannuel Lewis ?”
    “I’m Rick James Bitch !!!”
    “Would you like fries with that ?”
    “50 Cent’s “Curtis” was WAAAAAYYY Better than Kayne’s “Graduation” ”
    “Whatchoo takin’ bout, Willis ?”
    “Do you have change for a $20 ?”

  7. fishbowl5555 says:

    shes white trash

  8. fishbowl5555 says:

    no shit

  9. devilsown18 says:

    well my friends,gary does deserve her.ther both retards.have u guyz seen tht vid in which gary describes his attacker squishy in courtroom.they are made for eact other.

  10. devilsown18 says:

    hats off to both of em.its clearly a publicity stunt.but cmon the fight over wens the world gonna end and disagreements???they shud have made a better and a more believable story.wota crock of shit.and his wifez pissed off cuz gary ddint support

  11. badbadbeth says:

    you know what makes this really funny! Not more than a month ago they both were on the Tyra Banks show talking about how much they love each other, and how they are the best couple. They just want to be on tv.

  12. RKOWIFE says:

    She ugly

  13. cutiepie7147 says:

    his wife is dumb

  14. evesdrop1982 says:

    He must have to jump up and aim…

  15. Pixie1213 says:

    This has got to be fake

  16. ImYoManzSancha says:

    damn..she looks sooo old..and shes ugly
    and i just dont like him…but this is soooo fake


  17. babybuddybear says:

    lol wth… stupid girl

  18. darksayese says:


  19. yellowsunset says:

    tooth to gum ratio=bad

  20. EssenceOfTruth says:

    Oh no…this is real. I have it all reacorded.

  21. crazy9898 says:

    what do u expect form garry coleman

  22. BigTt2011 says:

    I’m not liking her gums.

  23. CitySon says:

    Both he & his wife were just on Tyra Banks’ show in March. You almost feel sorry for the guy. He’s like the biggest running joke in Hollywood.

  24. devilsown18 says:

    AND THE SADDEST PART IS gary cant hit her if he gets cuz she wud block him wit one single hand.and tht wud piss him off even more so like shannon said he stomps the floor,throws suff,bashes his head in the wall and says maaaaaaaaaaaaaah.XD

  25. mbucce says:

    she’s way too hot for the disgusting and arrogant coleman

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