Funny Divorce song parody of Tammy Wynettes divorce by Garry Desmond A parody of Tammy wynettes country song divorce. Only this version is much more true to life and the subject of divorce.

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    14 Responses to Funny Divorce song parody of Tammy Wynettes divorce by Garry Desmond

    1. maat1013 says:

      This guy is funny as heck. The things he comes up with sometimes….Can’t wait to see what’s next from Mr. Desmond.

    2. Anaheimfan says:

      lmfao “she f-u-c-k-i-n-g l-i-e-d to me” I damn near p-i-s-s-e-d myself when I heard that

    3. gussedup says:

      this so true!!we all get lied to about at lot of things!! sounds like my wife!! LOL

    4. izzyblueeyes says:

      Funny lol

    5. awestwood33 says:

      OMG Funny!

    6. paramedic218nh says:

      marriage is such a bitch

    7. paramedic218nh says:

      typical wife

    8. xXilovemybedXx says:

      Iove This guy, He’s just well cool!
      I really think he should come back to newark add perrm again!
      i manag his CD 😀 <3

    9. xXilovemybedXx says:

      Iove this guy! i managed to buy his cd when he came to newark, rlly thinke should come back ! HE’S FUNNY AS F-U–C-K! <3

    10. JBfanforlife says:

      LMFAO Forever

    11. AngelBug109 says:

      Im a exwife and find it funny hmm maybe should send to the ex haha

    12. lubenkho says:

      You can see his penis at 2:19

    13. rickysrejects says:

      my x is refered to as tv moma with the big wide screen.

    14. ImFawkinAwesome21 says:

      You totaly should(:

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