Fricken Girls, Soldier Divorce, Parental Money

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    25 Responses to Fricken Girls, Soldier Divorce, Parental Money

    1. DangerCloseCinema says:

      @airsofter171 YOUR 13 unless you get her pregnant odds are your not going to get married to her. make sure she understands that

    2. SleepiestGuns says:

      Drop that slut.

    3. alexthgreat78 says:

      @moof911 haha that was pretty good

    4. troyMLG says:


    5. prodifficulty says:

      Woody, i’m 14 and have pretty much been really into this girl for about 2 n a half years now about a year ago we had a night were we really clicked she finally decided to talk to me she said she had recently started feeling the same way we started texting more and finally i found it time to ask her on a date we had fun we hung out more until one day she said the only reason we hung out was cuz she was sad and i made her feel better she no longer talks to me any help?

    6. ThePeyton18qbplayer says:

      im 11 And my brother has autism i understand his brain condtions but i can never consentrate when hes around when i play black ops he trying to tell me what to do and he”s not so good of a player so any advice to help me with this situation its getting out of hand

    7. superbored321 says:

      i’m 16 and i have ran out of girls in my league at my school. any advice?

    8. Luc1dKn1ght says:

      @airsofter171 just tell her that you aren’t ready for that and that you still want to be with her but it’s way to early to be talking about that. Be honest and be gentle and things will work out

    9. LauraFLORES071 says:

      This video is sponsored by WalMart. Everyone on You Tube that sees this and then texts the phrase WALMARTSPREE to 41411

    10. daRkjames99 says:

      @airsofter171 teach her to make sandwiches! out of babies!!!

    11. locky15luvsbball says:

      @moof911 hahah i actually thought u were being serious untill the last sentence hahahaha

    12. alexpatapan451 says:

      @moof911 lol

    13. CallTheShotzz says:

      Any side story why your Clan Tag was ‘Mooo’??

    14. Kevorama692 says:

      @Herpderp4life call your girlfriend XD

    15. HeyimdirtyCleanMe says:

      @superbored321 Go out of your league then. Don’t lose confidence cause you think a girl is too pretty for you, she may like you too. Speaking from self expierence. Good luck.

    16. HeyimdirtyCleanMe says:

      @ThePeyton18qbplayer If you think his autism interferes with your gaming to the point where it could “get out of hand” then you should take the game less seriously. He has brain issues and maybe the highlight of his day is watching you play black ops and telling you who to kill. Take the game less seriously and dont be rude to the boy.

    17. slovencleta says:

      im 18, a year ago i ended a realy bad relationship (lasted 6 months). The first few months were was awesome, love and everything like that then suddenly she became bitchy. Everything i did was wrong, saying hi to other girls was cheating, etc. Now i am afraid of geting in another relationship because i dont want history to repeat it self. I became emotionaly numb. I have not felt even the slightest thing for anyone. I go out on dates but when things get serious i chicken out. What should i do?

    18. itatchiuser says:

      @airsofter171 She’s scared that she won’t see you again. That’s a really long distance relationship and you need to be understanding. You also need to ask yourself if she’s worth the effort. If you don’t think she is then don’t lead her on/ If she is worth it then you shouldn’t care that you aren’t ready for that talk because you know you’ll get there.

    19. 230rida says:

      @slovencleta it doesnt matter if she got bitchy because if it didnt work out then it would never have worked out. Remember that if the same thing happens you dont need to stay with her.

    20. killatank54 says:

      Check out my Black Ops channel for AWESOME HD Gameplay and helpful commentaries!

    21. MrColorZone says:

      @airsofter171 the truth?

    22. themadzucchini says:

      i love the fact he is still playing black ops while answering the questions oh ya and he answers them well

    23. munkper says:

      @Herpderp4life jerk one out?

    24. TraceySAMPSON65 says:

      This video is sponsored by Wal Mart! Any body on You Tube who sees this comment and then texts the phrase WALMARTSPREE to 4-1-4-1-1 gets a Wal-Mart shopping spree

    25. extremeflims says:

      @airsofter171 im 11, problem is the same…..

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