For how long do you think Jack Wills will be popular?

In the past three or four years, Jack Wills has blown up in the UK and recently it has been making its way into the US. How long do you think it will be popular? Do you think it will become a timeless staple like J Crew and Ralph Lauren? Or eventually become a brand for lower middle class? Or go down to younger age groups and become less popular with university students? Other thoughts?

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    3 Responses to For how long do you think Jack Wills will be popular?

    1. L.E. says:

      Well I think its cute, they really try to inspire the shoppers to be fun and easygoing. Yeah its expensive for how simple the clothes actually are. ( I don’t actually own anything) That being said unless the really start advertising more and maybe expand a little, they will not grow at all. They have the chance to be something like Aeropostale or something, but I would never say J.Crew just because adults wouldn’t shop there, and it’s not exactly the most classic of clothing

    2. Nami says:

      As long as girls keep paying over 20 quid for socks

    3. froggequene says:

      At which point I have to ask, who is Jack Wills & why aren’t they on a high street near me?

      edit: found the website & my nearest store, given their locations I’m not surprised I’ve never come across them – I’m going to keep the rest of my opinion to myself because it’s bound to make someone cry

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