Finding the Right Divorce Attorney: Five Essential Tips

Finding the Right Divorce Attorney: Five Essential Tips

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Home Page > Law > Finding the Right Divorce Attorney: Five Essential Tips

Finding the Right Divorce Attorney: Five Essential Tips

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Posted: Nov 25, 2010 |Comments: 0


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Finding the Right Divorce Attorney: Five Essential Tips

By: meliza mateo

About the Author

Please visit this website for more information about Farmington Hills Divorce Attorney

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Article Source: the Right Divorce Attorney: Five Essential Tips


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Expensive and difficult are just two of the ways to describe divorce. It’s important to work with an attorney who will provide the services you need for the fees you pay. If you’re contemplating to hire a divorce attorney, here are a few basics to keep in mind.

Ask for referrals

The first thing you should do before you try to look in your local directory for lawyers is to ask for referrals. To find a divorce attorney you should ask for a referral from a friend or family member you trust, who has been through a similar situation. If you are looking for a Farmington Hills Divorce Attorney for example, you must find a lawyer who holds his office in the area for accessibility during meetings. Do not hesitate to ask your friends questions about the lawyer’s experience including fees, the way clients are handled, and other important details.

Do a thorough background check of the lawyer’s experience as well as reliability

Ensure that your case is handled well but finding a lawyer that has the experience you need for your divorce case. Experienced lawyers in your geographic locale should also know about the judges who may be presiding over your case. Find out as much relevant information about your potential divorce attorney as possible including how long they’ve been practicing, how many cases they’ve won and what sorts of cases they’ve handled. The attorney’s reputation among their clients and their peers, is also an important factor in determining if they are trustworthy.

Be mindful of the lines of communication

You should think about how you will correspond with your attorney when you are considering your options in finding a divorce attorney. These days you can contact your attorney via everything from email to instant messaging as well as by phone. Finally, face to face meetings with your divorce attorney are of utmost importance when it is time to meet up and discuss issues in great detail.

Assess how well you get along

As experienced and qualified as an attorney may be, it still might not work out well if you are not at ease with him You need to judge whether you can get along with the lawyer and then come to a conclusion, whether to continue working with him It might be wise to choose a lawyer who has the same gender as yours for more comfortable and honest conversations.

Make sure you understand the attorney’s fees

When you are about to hire a divorce lawyer, the least importance should be given to the retainer-ship fee that he charges. Check out what he would be charging for working on your case. Some attorneys charge by the hour. Others ask for a retainer, which is a fee that is collected upfront and includes things like the hourly rate, transportation costs and any other additional expenses that are required to prosecute your action, all of which can vary according to the kind of case you have. Once the retainer has been used completely, you will get requests for payment until the case is resolved or the service is terminated.

Make sure you ask your prospective divorce lawyers everything you need to know about them, their expertise, their services, and their rates in order to compare and decide who is the best attorney for you.

About the Author:
Please visit this website for more information about Farmington Hills Divorce Attorney
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