“Fidelity”: Don’t Divorce… (by Courage Campaign w/ Regina Spektor)

www.couragecampaign.org Ken Starr, who led the campaign to impeach President Bill Clinton, filed a legal brief last month — on behalf of the “Yes on 8” campaign — that would forcibly divorce 18000 same-sex couples that were married in California last year before the passage of Prop 8. Watch “Fidelity” and sign our letter to the state Supreme Court. Tell the Supreme Court to invalidate Prop 8, reject Ken Starr’s case, and let loving, committed couples marry: www.couragecampaign.org “Fidelity” used with permission from Regina Spektor and EMI Records.

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25 Responses to “Fidelity”: Don’t Divorce… (by Courage Campaign w/ Regina Spektor)

  1. helking says:

    0:52 So adorable.

    This is a crime. The Supreme Court could never allow this bullsh1t to happen to such loving couples.

  2. SoInTouch says:

    This is so lovely, especially how it spans all ages 🙂

  3. Hotrodrogers91 says:

    How faggy is this video?

  4. Hotrodrogers91 says:

    Can I disagree with fags because of my own personal morals, and not be called a homophob?

  5. LolaArmyBrat says:

    Disagreeing is different from dragging religious convictions into secular rulings. Feel free to disagree all you like. If marriage were a religious thing, you’d have a point.

    But.. it’s not. Yay D.C.!

  6. thesuperskittle07 says:

    I mean I think gays are gross but it’s not right that you need to split them up!!! FUCK YOU proposition 8!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hotrodrogers91 says:

    @LolaArmyBrat are you serious? Why do you think gay people are so against religion and god? Its because marriage is a religious process.

  8. HumanDichotomy says:

    It truly does break my heart to think of all the committed couples out there who don’t have the right to marry, simply because they’re of the same gender.

  9. GohancK says:

    Cant, Your Personal Morals got homophobic origins. Homossexual means a person sexually atracted to someone with the same sex. Anything else are just statistics, and those can be true or false.

  10. Hotrodrogers91 says:

    It is not homophobic if you know that it is wrong in your eyes. I am not homophobic I believe that what they are doing is wrong.

  11. trezirea2008 says:

    these people are so beautiful! happiness makes me happy as well.

  12. hilllec82 says:

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  13. laylod4 says:

    I think it’s great that you all have found someone whether or not they are the opposite sex shouldn’t matter. Glad to see y’all are still married. 🙂

  14. elifuzzle says:

    @Hotrodrogers91 and it’s not wrong for you to be called a bigot for your bigoted beliefs.

  15. elifuzzle says:

    @Hotrodrogers91 I love God and I’m a gay person. a whole bunch of gay people love religion and God and believe that God is someone who made them, the same way you were made. It may not make you a homophobe, but it does make you utterly ignorant to make sweeping generalizations like this one.

  16. Hotrodrogers91 says:

    I need to know that I am not ignorant because I don’t think what you are doing is morally right. I will not support what you do.

  17. dacrazyone87 says:

    these people will be happier for one day of their lives, than all the gaycist out there will be for theirs
    just for the simple reason they are being themeselves without caring bout the rest

  18. KCphantasmagoric says:

    I saw Ellen and her wife Porshe on Oprah and they looked happier than I see most hetero couples look. As long as people love each other and are happy, that’s all that matters.

  19. lovetolaugh335 says:

    wow that is sooo touching i support gay marriage 100 percent it dosnt matter wat sex u r all that matters it that to people love eachother im NOT gay but i suppot it all the way DONT DIVORCE MY FRIEND AND AUNT AND UNCLE DONT BE GAYCIST ITS NOT RIGHT I LOVE GAY PEOPLE ALL THE WAY =) =)

  20. deeter131 says:

    does anyone want Krills email address?

  21. Ilma1984 says:

    like Marion Zimmer Bradley wrote in her marvellous novel “Catch trap”:
    “it didn’t matter what people called me, so long as I was decent and good to people and as long as the people I loved, whether they were men or women, als long as they were better off for loving me and not worse off.”
    In my opinion that’s all that counts!

  22. plasticfelinerodent says:

    @Hotrodrogers91 How is love bettween two responsible adults wrong?

  23. plasticfelinerodent says:

    @Hotrodrogers91 We are not against religion. What we’re against is bigotry

  24. plasticfelinerodent says:

    @Hotrodrogers91 We’re against bigotry, not religion. And besides, marriage is not solely religious. Explain why athiest keep on marrying.

  25. themaditalian says:

    @plasticfelinerodent That is a good point, but they usually have a no-God ceremony. I think that’s the core of most people’s problem with this; the idea of trying to make gay marriage a Christian institution.

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