Facebook Used As Divorce Weapon

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25 Responses to Facebook Used As Divorce Weapon

  1. fitobcnfito says:

    LEAR TO USE THE NET… spy is when they discover something you dont want to share, when you post an opinion of picture in a social network, what you do is to share that with unlimited number of people, do not be an idiot, if you do not whant that to be known, as easy as do not post it.

  2. KonradxHylton says:

    I hate when people blame facebook/twitter etc for this stupidity. Learn how to use the freaking Internet. Obviously you shouldn’t post incriminating shit online. I go out almost every day, get drunk a lot, and people take pictures of me and post it on the Internet. However I private my shit. Problem solved.

    And Ana, who the fuck do you think you are with that degrading comment. I have half a mind to send your boyfriend a copy of Black Ops. So STFU and go make Ben a sandwhich.

    No offense.

  3. KonradxHylton says:

    @chichikissx Exactly they can’t. Unless of course they unprivate they’re profile for their spouse. Which is pretty stupid

  4. bobbytiger says:

    The new set is great.
    Compact, expressive, powerful in appearance, with
    colors of blues, grays, white & black,
    complimenting each other.
    Most of the “Winter colors” drawn together.
    As an added attention to detail,
    notice how Ben & Anna have color-coordinated their attaire
    to the set?
    All-in-all, very professionally done.
    I’m greatly impressed.

  5. TheFounderUtopia says:

    Ben – nervous laughter doesn’t mean your constant “funny” remarks are actually funny. Just let the clips run.

    Anna – Grow up, men play games, women play games, this is not your high school years where everyone who used computers was a “nerd” with no life. Try to be less of a judgmental prom queen, k?

    Note to inevitable army of blind followers, I’m not a TYT hater, I love this show. But these guys are fallible and sometimes they need to be brought down a peg or two like we all do now and again.

  6. tomitstube says:

    giving advice to stupid people is a complete waste of time.

    if they do learn, it’s always too late. and that’s just funny.

  7. ThoughtCriminal696 says:

    Ana! Where’d you go?

  8. zimmyzimgir says:


  9. theoriginalKland says:

    Here’s a question. If the attorney isn’t a friend of the person, how do they get the pics?

  10. imlaughing2death says:

    Ben needs to be gagged during every video.

  11. DrQuijano says:

    That being said, my wife knows everything I do and everywhere I am. If she wanted to use Facebook to screw me she would have done so already. The important thing is trust. Oh, and communication.
    Also, Anna, most grown-ass men play games. Many grown-ass women do to. Anna, grow up.

  12. ebingen says:


  13. nastiesofcirithungol says:

    @TheFounderUtopia So says the nerd in denial 😉

  14. JohnHategee says:

    I wish TYT would divorce itself from Ben. I will be a witness for TYT’s character. Then the judge can watch how Ben waxes annoying when asked to talk about himself.

  15. Joxman2k says:

    The newswomen sounded like a school teacher talking to a class of Republican high school students … or grade one Democrats:)

    Thank god she included the visual of the bride and groom ACTUALLY splitting apart …thats a hard concept to understand with just words.



  16. Megajanitor says:

    Ok, I used to agree with you guys, like when Ben called the litlle boy gay. To me now, it just seems that you’re all forcing your insults out.

    So cliche.

    Do you all REALLY hate Ben that much, or are you just competing for the highest rated comment spot?

    Tell the truth…

  17. unabomberman says:


    What degrading statement? Calm down.

  18. im1shak1biotches says:

    @theoriginalKland The spouse/ex or the couple’s shared friends.

  19. TheDynastQueen says:

    @unabomberman: The statement Ana said about a grown ass man wasting his time at home playing Mafia Wars while leaving the woman who clearly was playing the game enough to met a husband out of the statement. I wasn’t freaking out just pointing out the idiocy and bias of the statement.

  20. Mills88 says:

    Ana still talks like video games are still in the 90’s. “An adult playing games? What a neeeeeerd!”

  21. dakoneko says:


  22. aleenweiszjca says:

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  23. y2zgt says:

    Wait, so do you have to accept a judge or lawyer as a friend on facebook if you go to court? How is that legally? If you said you were somewhere else and posted a picture of you partying how do they know those pictures aren’t from another night? And why “partying” if you said you were in the office but posted pictures of you at church wouldn’t that be the same thing? Why do they choose partying? Strange story…

  24. CmdrTobs says:

    @ocerg1111 Yeah, no excuses for all the guys outthere.

  25. MrBlackfish011 says:

    @TheDynastQueen really degrading? I smell a pussy

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