Everybody Loves Raymond-Robert’s Divorce Episode Clip

Everybody Loves Raymond is an Emmy Award-winning American television sitcom that originally ran on CBS from September 13, 1996 to May 16, 2005. This episode, a flash back to Robert’s life with his ex-wife.

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25 Responses to Everybody Loves Raymond-Robert’s Divorce Episode Clip

  1. metua10 says:

    three minutes ago I was watching cartoons and having a banana.

  2. KIDSTALLION1 says:

    when is this old twat going to die

  3. scabbarae says:

    This is Marie’s greatest moment. As much of a bitch as Marie is, Joanne is still ten times worse.

  4. Amberstar369 says:

    “You know what’s scarry? – I think I juts saw a BAT fly away!”

  5. drahunter213 says:

    lol bitch

  6. 1989DaVinci says:


  7. blazeoffuegon says:

    4:23 “I could use a sweater!” XD I love when Ray says that.

  8. gtzcooliegyal says:

    Joanne looks like a banana LOL

  9. TheVideomaster7180 says:


  10. mannardme says:

    @gtzcooliegyal Haha I thought so, too! 🙂

  11. adoree585 says:

    luv luv this show !!

  12. jeffersondavis1808 says:

    “When you run, it’s like you’re trying to hold a pencil between your cheeks.” This show is totally awesome.

  13. jeffersondavis1808 says:

    “And now… we all need to have a piece of this cake.”

  14. fourtywpm says:

    I love this show. It always makes me lol @ marriage.

  15. maryoassyrian2007 says:

    If I was Raymond, I would let Marie just get Joanne, that bitch needed a lesson, and Marie, would never dare to mess with a guy, who has a caring mom.

  16. rasengan37 says:

    its about time sombody tells that bitch marie what she deserves!

  17. ishamaratunga says:

    go marie!!

  18. Krytayrozy2 says:

    don’t mess with marie))))

  19. vonneumannmachine says:

    the look he gives her is awesome

  20. StefanHan1 says:

    Actually, that was 6 minutes and 30 seconds, not 3 minutes. :DDDD

  21. 2Talitha2 says:

    @PluieBelle Whahahahaha!

  22. 2Talitha2 says:

    @PluieBelle Whahahha, and funny how Ray opens the door and hide behinds it!

  23. SharksRule86 says:

    Man, I lost it when Robert said, “Three minutes ago I was watching cartoons and eating a banana.” HAHA!!

  24. 4dose says:

    dont mess with angry mom

  25. Arella0407 says:

    NEVER piss off Marie

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