English Vocabulary – Marriage and Divorce

Learn how to properly use the words in English for talking about being married, divorced, separated, and so on.

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    9 Responses to English Vocabulary – Marriage and Divorce

    1. StrijelacO says:


    2. StrijelacO says:

      nice video

    3. catirinabengala says:

      Good lesson.Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. absurdworldd says:

      i watch most of your vds, you are a great teacher. are you married??

    5. FlonaOman says:

      she’s funny, cute gr8 , teacher
      2:55 i like her when she winks lol 😀

    6. svejk89 says:

      I would like to marry you. 🙂

    7. greedgame14 says:

      @FlonaOman Me too! Thats so nice of her part (:

    8. ellmsales says:

      I like it a lot .Very good

    9. bornblond9gb says:

      Great video…check out my video uploads on my channel on divorce,marriage and family.

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