Elizabeth Taylor ~ ‘Divorce’ Tribute

Liz Taylor and Richard Burton in a rare made-for-TV movie of the 70’s all about divorce, told from both perspectives. Music is ‘Left in the Dark’ by Barbra Streisand.

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    16 Responses to Elizabeth Taylor ~ ‘Divorce’ Tribute

    1. marienoreene says:

      lovely video… divorce his, divorce hers was one of my fave liz-richard movie… and great choice of song too… just love it…

    2. happiihoneii says:

      nice video. could someone be able to put the whole movie on youtube, i really want to see it 🙂

    3. marienoreene says:

      hi there, you can check my playlist. it’s there…

    4. happiihoneii says:

      thank you 🙂 x

    5. HeatherVonSweet says:

      Une vidéo magnifique avec la superbe Liz et son Richard.
      Lady Streisand chante merveilleusement bien ..Magique !

    6. Karsch100 says:

      This is a beautiful video. I love Elizabeth taylor and Richard Burton and they are great in this tv mini-series. The song selection is also superb. I haven’t heard the song before but it’s really lovely. 🙂

    7. RFlorentina says:

      Beautiful video! Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton were a great couple!

    8. grace4561 says:

      Hi Karin,
      This is so beautiful. Richard and Elizabeth were such a wonderful couple, I also love the song. Another great job in making this video.

    9. victorbrightsand says:

      Excelente video, de una o quizá mi canción favorita de barbra!!!!

    10. Littlesparrow18 says:

      beautiful video

    11. Karsch100 says:

      The music selection to this lovely video is awesome, I hadn’t heard this song before I saw your video a few months ago but loved it so much I bought the entire Emotion album with Barbra! 🙂

    12. jon1955f says:

      @happiihoneii it’s on dvd

    13. ETANBEY says:

      She is so breathtakingly beautiful!

    14. jochavez81 says:

      RIP from Mexico

    15. Babatundey says:

      R.I.P Elizabeth Taylor

    16. moviemad1994 says:

      A legendary actress and a breath-taking beauty. Sweet dreams Dame Elizabeth taylor. You’ll never be forgetten.

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