Elbow – Grounds For Divorce on Jonathan Ross

Elbow – Grounds For Divorce on Jonathan Ross on Friday 22nd February 2008

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25 Responses to Elbow – Grounds For Divorce on Jonathan Ross

  1. RickRick13 says:

    When I was growing up, the supermodels were people like Helena Christensen, Claudia Schiffer… Agyness Deyn? Do me a favour. A supermodel for the Big Brother Generation… thank God for Elbow, to remind us that culture and creativity isn’t completely rancid and decrepit…

  2. 172superman172 says:

    Kol- Yes
    Radiohead- No
    2 reasons: Radiohead arent new to the 21st centuary 🙂
    And are possibly the best musicians ever
    influencing elbow

  3. bobbyhayes111 says:


  4. HaggisnNeeps says:

    lol Best musicians ever? Have you Listened to Bach/Beethoven et al.

    Im a Radiohead fan, but they are Pretentious. Note the capital P.

    I agree though – they are influencing music now…however Elbow have been playing for just as long as them so please dont disregard Elbow as some new phenomenon because Seldom Seen Kid is a work of art.


  5. UnfortunatePenguin says:

    yay, everyone gets cake!

  6. CharlieABarker says:

    Yeah, if only their songs were better.

  7. oliversenord says:

    Why are people having a dig at Radiohead, anyway Elbow rock love this song. Hope the next album comes out before the fall of 2010.

  8. Salierethefish says:

    @MatthewDawson1990 Them and Gorillaz.

  9. Tahkayun says:

    @MatthewDawson1990 There is no best band mate. Nominate it for your personal top pick instead.

  10. kraidlike says:

    true that man

  11. TheConspicuousCookie says:



    Firstly, Radiohead are one of the least pretentious bands that spawned from the brit pop era.

    Secondly, Elbow playing as long as Radiohead?, no.

    Thirdly, Yes seldom seen kid is -good-, but thats it, no true fan would say Seldom Seen Kid is the best, Asleep in the back (the first album) is miles ahead of this crowd pleasing album.

    Footnote. Massive fan of both, yes I like this new album. … etc.

  12. michaellovesthecat says:

    I love elbow angry shit

  13. Pokerking4128 says:

    best live that i saw

  14. Cheboh says:

    Don’t you mean Grounds for Divorce.

  15. TheConspicuousCookie says:

    No I mean ” The Seldom Seen Kid” as I stated above. The album, not the song on the album. Strangely enough “Grounds for Divorce” appears on that album.

    ” no true fan would say Seldom Seen Kid is the best, Asleep in the back (the first album) is miles ahead of this crowd pleasing album. ”

    Notice my mention of album in the brackets?.

  16. matiancai74 says:

    @TheConspicuousCookie Agree about the the intent to create a *slightly* more commercial album in Seldom Seen Kid. I personally despise ‘One Day Like This’ – it’s a travesty that it replaced ‘Grace Under Pressure’ in their live set. However, last time I saw them live about a year ago, they played a real mix of the new stuff and old, to please everyone. They played ‘Any Day Now’, and only me and a handful of others recognised it…it was fantastic.

  17. TheConspicuousCookie says:

    Wholly agree on “one day like this”. I missed my chance to see them live two years ago, it’s good to hear they still play the old ones. My oldies said they played mostly songs off “Asleep in the back” and “Cast of thousands”, using large drum things for Presuming Ed. I Need to see them one day :D.

  18. SilverdaleDubs says:

    Love the fucked-up old school sound of this!!

  19. McNSharp22 says:

    Radiohead, pretentious?! Please, just think about what you have just said

  20. funnights74 says:

    12 thumbs down, r they retarded r what?

  21. jimshady13 says:

    @funnights74 says the person who cant type?

  22. zonnebril1000 says:

    amazing one of the best bands

  23. aslennon12 says:

    This is a beast of a song.

  24. shishkebab0dude666 says:

    they are awesome live

  25. Dasheeznit69 says:

    Its amazing how they sound exactly like the actually song even without all the studio editing and such

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