Elbow Grounds For Divorce Lyrics

Geat song, this song is also from one the left 4 dead video game trailers: www.l4d.com

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    25 Responses to Elbow Grounds For Divorce Lyrics

    1. GhostFace1337 says:

      BEST SONG EVER!!!!!!!!!

    2. TwinUzis says:

      I’ll trt to typse this as ebest I cna. I gorrt yeled at last time. Whenwer I’m drunk, I HASE to listent o this song. And I’m pretyy drunk. Thids is thre ultrimate. drubk “Feel good” songf.

      Sorty for tre bad grammar. I’ll bne ashasmed later, tryust me.

    3. UHasCrabsTimes69 says:

      I thought you would be worried…..about the security of your shit.

    4. prezjackie says:

      Focking fell in love with this song after the House season premiere promo. Brilliant!

    5. lichking861 says:

      Comment removed =3

    6. aussiekenworth85 says:

      Telling ya what. This sound is just fucking crazy 😀 and i love it 🙂

    7. poretobatido says:

      @Meidrexx for me it was top gear

    8. supaNinja100 says:

      @GhostFace1337 so true 🙂

    9. supaNinja100 says:

      @Meidrexx dirt 2 !!!!!! i wz lookin for it for nearly a year LOL

    10. Fanatick20 says:

      House FTW, can’t wait for the 7th season if there’s going to be one!!!

    11. StingyFace says:

      1:40 – 1:55 EARGASM

    12. savastithorea says:

      i dont know why,maybe im crazy but when i lidten to this sonh it makes me feel badass…lol

    13. Jitter says:

      Burn After Reading? Anyone? 🙂

    14. TheFreeMMOReviewer says:

      @Fanatick20 There are already trailers for it 🙂

    15. Venom957 says:

      @savastithorea Agreed.

    16. ichigokurosaki28 says:

      LEFT 4 DEAD!!!!!!!

    17. clintfrakington says:

      @Jitter Yeeah, Brad pitt rules.

    18. TheHappyHaze says:

      too many people know the song from House,DIRT2 L4D Burn after…. 🙁

    19. TheJoey969 says:

      TOP GEAR!

    20. MrRocket2008 says:

      I first heard this on Top Gear, then Dirt 2

    21. crazylayzy23 says:

      cool left 4 dead made me find this song 😀

    22. BIJMOZ says:

      coronation street 2010 promo

    23. OKflyboywewt says:

      Someday We’ll Be Drinking to the Seldom seen Kid!!

    24. BreakDown1996 says:

      this song is just badass

    25. I4gotmyMANTRA says:


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