Elbow – Grounds For Divorce – Live On Fearless Music

Elbow performs “Grounds for Divorce” live on Fearless Music in NYC. For more videos check out www.fearlessmusic.com

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    13 Responses to Elbow – Grounds For Divorce – Live On Fearless Music

    1. pianoman682 says:

      This version of this song turned me on to Elbow. Great band.

    2. muffachuff says:


    3. l7lll says:

      That guy can REALLY sing.

    4. coverscopyer says:

      hey sorry, but do you know what this song means? i understand english, but im trying to analyse this song, and i just dont get it:S

    5. l7lll says:

      makes no sense to me, either….

    6. simeonlj says:

      One of the best bands around! Cracking version this.

    7. joskoot says:

      love these guys

    8. georgien77 says:

      nice one…

    9. beingTOOnosey says:

      Such an under-appreciated band.

    10. Masterheart7 says:


    11. IlMagico771 says:

      woooooow nice music
      is the left 4 dead and the left 4 dead 2

    12. moozicforLIFE says:

      wowww….. harmonica??? :/

    13. juliebeth54 says:

      And he can really write too!!

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