Elbow Grounds For Divorce at Glasto 08

Great live version with Guy hitting the hell out of that aluminium ingot.

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    25 Responses to Elbow Grounds For Divorce at Glasto 08

    1. smokingjoe19702 says:

      Didnt know Johnny Vegas sang as well.

    2. petegonad says:

      Well said. I’m fucking sick of seeing well groomed, skinny jean wearing, pointy shoed George Lamb-a-likes everywhere!

    3. 4milfs says:

      what the fuck does it matter what someone looks like when they sing as well as he does…………… NEXT

    4. Guusz says:

      kinda wierd such an american sound for a british band.. but I love it.

    5. RosieGrl26 says:

      If I could have sex with the sound of the guitar, it would be the guitar in this song.
      Just sayin’…

    6. Theonewhoclimbs28 says:

      I’ve been trying to dissect the effects for so long, but I just can’t do it. The sound is fucking transcendent.

    7. R4D4full says:

      i think he looks good..
      Love the song..

    8. MrKevinsaid says:

      dios mio elbow manda ojala fuera a mexico es mi grupo favorito xDxDxD

    9. TheDashingRogue says:

      Getting caught up in the moment there, are we? Good song.

    10. yohomehearties says:

      That guitar screech at 1.49 was just so needed. I love it when bands add extra bits into their songs when they play them live. Shows that they care about the music. Kudos to them

    11. DoctorSnaids says:

      i’m actually in love with this song. best lyrics

    12. jmsq14 says:


    13. hontoni says:

      That riff is pure animalistic sex

    14. inlimbopop says:

      Black Francis and Guy Garvey in a wrestle. My money on Black, just

    15. Domydoor says:

      @RosieGrl26 good for you mate….

    16. DarkViIIain says:

      Amazing, Can’t wait for a chance to see them live @ 2011!

    17. ASHxMCDxISxMINE says:

      I know this is a bold statement considering there are so many, but this is the greatest rock song ever written. Lyrically and musically, this really is perfect. There are only a few songs I could never get tired of, and this is one of them. Elbow really are one of the greatest bands around, and the legacy they’re going to leave behind is nowhere near as big as it should have been.

    18. ansepe74 says:

      @4milfs That’s right!!
      True music come’s from the inside…
      Not Justin Bieber 😉

    19. deanpeterclarke says:

      2 WORDS ……. GUY GARVEY

    20. FishticuffsLegend says:

      READING 2011!

    21. SJ363 says:

      He looks like Guy Garvey to me.

    22. culturevulture123 says:


    23. MrsWoman says:

      @culturevulture123 Don’t know for sure, but thinking it might be something Craig’s doing from keyboards.

    24. millbronx says:

      2011 glasto was better but this is still something else i love elbow <3 !!!!!

    25. meatwarwick says:

      come on READING!!

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