Elbow – Grounds For Divorce

From their new album The Seldom Seen Kid. —————————————- Message me for songs/requests. =] xxx

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25 Responses to Elbow – Grounds For Divorce

  1. HabboRob says:

    Isn’t this the theme for Burn After Reading?
    Awesome movie and song ^^

  2. sale060606 says:

    Not really the theme, it was only used in the trailer.

  3. Krucial8 says:

    what genre would this come under?

  4. bashes1 says:


  5. JEN3SOPH1 says:

    I wonder if Oasis wish they’d made a song as good as this…

  6. sg238 says:

    always on tv and adverts etc,

  7. LordDeathheartxD says:

    House season 6 promo!

  8. LostUntilTomorrow says:

    they actually used this for Left 4 Dead in their Ads (they just cut out the singers voice)

  9. Scudsy101 says:

    Alternative Rock,its usaully what you put on new rock-ish music.”classystyledpoprick” doesn’t suit it at all.

  10. Misskdinsdale says:

    I have known this song for ages but never knew what it was – sounds stupid but true. (I knew the tune, didn’t know what it was called or who sung it =S)

  11. theannoyingdevil2 says:

    they did, it was called wonderwall 😉

  12. acdcjacko says:

    It all starts @ 1:14 (best bit)

  13. yohohoho1sake says:

    best part

    Dr House

  14. ParchmentOfPower says:

    They didn’t cut it out, it was just hard to hear past everything else.

  15. goombaman223 says:

    this song is on l4d 🙂 my fave bit of the game

  16. BenC0re says:

    @Misskdinsdale I was trying to find out this song for years, it’s been on so many films and stuff and i never knew what it was called =/ got played it the other day at a friends house and i haven’t stopped listening to it 🙂

  17. heayss1 says:


  18. hockypuck0jojo says:

    Amazing. (:

  19. Misskdinsdale says:

    Its addictive lol I went through that stage 🙂

  20. hybird55 says:

    One of the best guitar riffs for the past 5 years

  21. 45andcounting says:

    Burn after Reading anyone?

  22. MRresievil310 says:

    nick – coach, when i start this finale, your not going to start dancing are you?

  23. pimpinspartan says:

    great great song

  24. iPlayer9 says:

    @goombaman223 when?

  25. goombaman223 says:

    @iPlayer9 it plays at the finales sometimes but its EXTREMLEY rare so get the music

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