Elbow – Grounds For Divorce

The official video for the song “Grounds For Divorce” © UMG 2008

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25 Responses to Elbow – Grounds For Divorce

  1. Toccajun says:

    House season 6 preview song.
    i love it ;D

  2. sweetybabe135 says:

    Yeaa Yeaa It Does Lool x

  3. uzzyo says:

    but there’s people who actually appreciate the music for being what it is, not for being in a effing commercial

  4. ProductionSniper says:

    yes, i didnt mean to exclude that! Just the song itself is and epic win!! 😀

  5. zadiyya says:

    effing love this song

  6. CrmeTyme10 says:

    Greatest Song i ever heared! The Song is one of the Themesongs of Colin McRae DiRT 2! This Track and DiRT 2 is so fucking awesome. This Song fits like the fist on the eye for House and DiRT 2!

  7. Freddirector says:

    Well, you know what brought me to this song? Me looking for a song i have not heard before that was not rap.

  8. DCJTproductions says:

    I heard this Song when Elbow opened up for Coldplay. Elbow is awesome.

  9. galaxxydoll2 says:

    Great song. It should get more air play on the radio.

  10. ybrik222 says:

    Which show? Was it Toronto? That’s where I saw them.

  11. HulaHippy1 says:

    this was in L4D and burn after reading ads, and thats how i found it, and I LOVE IT

  12. ipekatomang says:


    MD House fanatic ?

  13. OperaNotes says:

    Not to me. The music all of a sudden goes melancholic and then he sings: “There’s a hole in my neighbourhood down which of late I cannot help but fall.” It totally matches the emptiness brought by a divorce or, in another interpretation, the Seldom Seen Kid, who is in fact the band’s friend who passed away and left a hole in their lives that they sometimes fall into.

  14. TasteTheSilence says:

    @OperaNotes lol, someone wants to boast with his knowledge (which most elbow fans are already aware of :p)

  15. OperaNotes says:

    Hey, buddy! Letting people know things they might not know is not necessarily boasting even if it does give my ego a boost which I always love and welcome with an open embrace.

    But really, I love the “hole in my neighbourhood” interpretations. It is just such a good line, sung so perfectly with just the right cords. And the last line: “Someday we’ll be drinking with the Seldom Seen Kid.” Love that.

    And the opening line. I raise my glass to the SSK every Monday for that. ×D

  16. TasteTheSilence says:

    @OperaNotes the “hole in my neighbourhood” melody is indeed a bonus for the song. And I’m glad you can take a little critics with an honest answer. most people go bananas

  17. OperaNotes says:

    Well, let’s just say, you are what music you listen too. And since Elbow is genius, that makes me… Ha! Would you look at that! ×D

    No, but seriously. I figured you were just teasing friendlily. 😉

  18. crazyjay1977 says:

    Best band on the planet! Their session with the BBC orchestra is epic!

  19. themikky says:

    0:54 the best !!!

  20. EintopfLinse says:

    Best song ever !

    Left 4 dead tv spot Ftw !

  21. imbeatles says:


  22. ryanster246 says:

    best song ever

  23. adams95100 says:

    freakin great tune 🙂

  24. Neongruf199 says:

    Thumbs up if Left 4 Dead brought you here

  25. tommyldavis1 says:

    i’ve been working on a cocktail called grounds for divorce

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