Edge wants a divorce

o8.o6.2oo9 – After Vickie quit as GM of RAW, Edge explains to her that he wants a divorce. Great, that’s the Edge I love 😀

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    25 Responses to Edge wants a divorce

    1. WWEJVCC2010 says:

      he should have speared her after he said he wanted the divorce

    2. 78Theskull says:

      edge realy makes good plans

    3. 78Theskull says:

      ” i want a divores ” nnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooo ”

    4. MrAdenProductions says:

      4 minutes of torture for vickie

    5. captainrex5 says:

      vikci is sssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk she is aso dumb

    6. mattgarcia2010 says:

      vickie is a bitch

    7. TheBittySarah says:

      I love edge. I’m going to miss hearing this music on RAW and Smackdown.

    8. thamutebutton says:

      she beast..damnnn.

    9. maxpayne1997 says:

      press 8 lol

    10. nickjwifeforever1234 says:

      keep pressing 8 a couple of times every time you do wait like 7 seconds

    11. nickjwifeforever1234 says:

      @SuperSomeone911 your damn right it is

    12. jason10733 says:

      Lol Edge Owns Vickie

    13. sonhenerik says:

      There she blowd up my Computer again!!

    14. acefunacho says:

      keep pressing 4

    15. realma077 says:

      people thought you were my mother

    16. realma077 says:

      press 2 little kid lol

    17. fabioalexandrex1 says:

      @realma077 .l.

    18. TheSalman5555 says:

      Vickie is fat ugly bitch

    19. Trey72479 says:

      3:51 Shut the hell up Vickie

    20. yourramaziingxp says:

      lml edqe nd fat ass bit**

      edqe: ” I WANT A DIVORCE!”
      fat ass bit**: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…………… :'( >:O

      lml can they just shove a twinkie up her throat! -______-

    21. kelliagirl says:

      Edge is retired!!!!

    22. Dimplechimp93 says:

      she sounds like a drowning pig XD :L

    23. ForeverLita says:

      edge is hooooot!

    24. class180matt says:

      Best Decision Edge ever made 🙂

    25. ALRossi46 says:

      3:15 nothing else

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