DJ Quik Ft James DeBarge – Tha Divorce Song

Balance & Options (c)2000 Arista Records

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10 Responses to DJ Quik Ft James DeBarge – Tha Divorce Song

  1. guesswhoagain1 says:

    This is tight shit! DJ Quik is on a different level. First he put El Debarge on Rhythmalism and then James Debarge on Balance & Options! Can’t go wrong with this!

  2. fitniss says:

    I stopped listening to hiphop years ago, and turned to punkrock, but somehow I allways go back to Quik…
    I guess he just has this musical inteligence, wich shines through everything he does…
    Quik is a fuckin genius!

  3. salmaniaque says:


  4. MOHAIRinthe80s says:

    this is the beat from if u stay ready.

  5. MrChicity4life says:

    @MOHAIRinthe80s no i’m afraid not !!

  6. ferndog681 says:

    does quik ever age? “and im old like a muthafucka but they still ask me/ for my i.d/when i buy mgd/ feel me?”

  7. Jodemc says:

    how can you turn from dj quik to punk rock? that sounds like a trick to me

  8. nishka98 says:

    THE BASS….!!!!!!

  9. santana3250 says:

    @nishka98 that’s what I said

  10. jusdoggin2003 says:

    man i feel this shit jus wanna make sure nuthin wrong wit my kids u do you mama

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