My mom is thinking about getting a divorce from my dad in a couple of month. I don’t know what to think about it. I want her to get a divorce because my parents just don’t understand eachother, but then I feel guilty because I want my dad to leave. Have any of your parents ever gotten a divorce, and how did you handle it?

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  1. Tammy D says:

    Don’t feel guilty……..I was never so relieved as the day my Mom and Dad split up. Even at 10yrs old I knew that the fighting wasn’t okay and that they were better off apart, of course, I never said that to my Dad, because he was heart sick, but that was 27 years ago and it proved to be the right decision for them and us kids!

  2. SWEETYPI says:

    I made my mom divorce my dad after 36 years of marriage because I found out he had cheated on her several times throughout their ENTIRE marriage. It is okay to feel the ay you feel. Sometimes parents think they should stay together FOR the kids, not realizing children are MUCH better off when the parents are stable and happy.

  3. LittleRke says:

    If your parents relationship has gotten to the point of divorce then they will probably each be happier as a single parent and there is no reason for you to feel guilty that they couldn’t make it work. Their divorce really has nothing to do about you and just remember that they both love you very much. And happy parents make better parents.

  4. 7_of_9 says:

    stick with your mum.. love her

  5. ? Krissy ? says:

    Be there for them and stay out of the middle of it

  6. mariejtaylor says:

    Divorce is usually hard for the kids more so than the adults. You seem to be taking it pretty good. It is not your fault and it can be alot nicer for you to see your parent as separate being especially if they have not got ton along in quite awhile. Don’t feel guilty that is probably why they stayed together for so long was that they didn’t want you to feel that way. Handle it?..Keep the lines of communication ope to both remember you are their child not their mediator. They love you irregardless of how they feel toward each other…..another suggestion try to get them to agree to have a family picture with you every yr not for them but for you, you might not understand that now but later you’ll put it together.

  7. yaktur says:

    My parents are still together after 43 years of struggle.

    My first marriage failed because my ex wife was not only rebellious and lusting after other women openly to me, she was also physically abusive of my young son and according to the psychiatric reports revealed in court, she is too mentally unstable to take care of him.

    Sometimes when a relationship goes THAT bad, you have to defend the value of life and dignity and let that person go free out of the relationship. Holding onto them will only cause the torture to continue and grow worse with time.

    In your case, you are not forcing anyone to do anything – you are just a kid and your parents are the ones who make the decisions. You will feel pain for a long time and your parents will also feel pain.

    But you will also rediscover happiness, love, joy and trust again.

    Don’t give up, just work your way through this struggle.

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