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www.BestTrustedGuide.com Divorce for women Divorce advice for women can be confusing. It’s not “happily ever after,” after all. Surviving divorce is one thing, but living to tell about it is another. Know who to listen to. While divorce advice for women is plentiful, beware of what you take. The advice you really need is from a good family law attorney. Listen to your attorney. Do everything your attorney or judge tells you to do during the divorce. Advice from others about a judgment not being fair to you can often lead to some very poor choices. Be a parent first. Don’t live on the wild side during your divorce. Advice for women to just get out and meet others, or pull “all nighters,” is not wise. Stay calm in court. Don’t blurt out or cause confusion. This makes a judge uneasy and a lawyer angry. Keep the parent relationship open. If you have children or are going through a custody battle, don’t demean the other parent. Go to true friends. Open up and share with them. True friends listen, cry, scream, hug, and give advice with your best interest in mind. Realize that you go through an array of feelings before, during and after divorce. Advice for women to just get over it, move on, or the like is not going to help your heart. Take time even when you think you don’t need it. To learn more about burn fat, please visit : www.BestTrustedGuide.com

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