DIVORCE tammy wynette

a song from tammy wynette with lyrics

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25 Responses to DIVORCE tammy wynette

  1. JenEa2k7 says:

    can sum1 please send me this song. Get in touch and i’ll tell you my e-mail address, thanks xx

  2. chaseangels1 says:

    @JenEa2k7 i can send it to you but im not gonna leave my email address on here on the comments for everyone else to get it.

  3. TPTPTP88 says:

    this is got 2 be one of the saddest songs ever. i like tammy’s song a lot but this one is a eye opener.

  4. hopkinsstarr40 says:

    she has too have the best Country woman voice ever

  5. Raiwons says:

    A wonderful theme! a million stars.*****

  6. woodstoddard1 says:

    so uch for standing by her man :P, naw seriously a very touching song ๐Ÿ™

  7. bamseman64 says:

    I Love you So Mutch Tammy Wynette .
    You Ae The Best Coutry Singer in The World


    This song needs the bouncing mickey mouse head on the words . It would be funny.

  9. HOPFreak says:

    Tammy was so beautiful and talented!

  10. dollylove46 says:

    i love this song. i actually prefer dolly p’s version (but i’m biased. dolly’s my idol. lol) but I love Tammy’s and the original done by Kitty Wells, too.

  11. biggestkrisfan says:

    Sad story, but nice song to practise spelling ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. marketgarden30 says:

    Watched Five Easy Pieces last night and this was on the soundtrack great stuff

  13. Foxyangel68 says:


  14. Candy1989ify says:

    Very beautiful!!!

  15. charliebradley1979 says:

    Tammy did the original version of D-i-v-o-r-c-e not Kitty Wells…Perhaps you’re thinking of either Mommy for a Day or “I hope My Divorce is Never Granted” by Kitty.

  16. wildpepr says:

    I grew up w/this song. I love it. She’s wondrous

  17. TheTrenthart1 says:

    i like this song

  18. 0998Jess says:

    R.I.P Tammy. ๐Ÿ™

  19. 06cbrown says:

    Damn, she was a hottie!

  20. dudedude270 says:

    whens this from? 60’s?

  21. pete0969wi says:

    Well, things can always get better the next time around!!!

  22. Swat20495 says:

    This song brings up alot of memories to wich i believe most ppl but also makes ya think diff of live, i know for me it does.

  23. InsaneSnowman says:

    Im a young man and im sitting here crying and listening to this.. as im texting my mother about her and dads divorce papers

  24. 73carm says:

    love this song

  25. m398911 says:

    THANK YOU for posting this vid

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