Divorce Support – Powerful Positive Thinking Technique

Coping with Divorce? understandingdivorce.com – If you have recurring negative thoughts due to a divorce, watch this video for a powerful technique to overcome them.

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    25 Responses to Divorce Support – Powerful Positive Thinking Technique

    1. mijan013 says:

      joss video… thatz very helpful for me, i like it

    2. morardana91 says:

      Thanks for the information I have been a real help
      i wait many such materials from you

    3. blasko0 says:

      great video with smart thinking, it will help me with my divorced wife, thank you

    4. KristoVeeR says:

      I haven’t been married yet but I really think that if you marry someone you should be with this person to the end of your life…

    5. 007princezero says:

      A Ray of Optimism for Divorced People…

    6. Danciu88 says:

      divorce.. not a pleasant moment.. but i see here some very common sense tips to try and get back on track..

    7. wizard129ro says:

      good tips to get back on track

    8. bulbul240 says:

      Wow that great. so much´╗┐ informative video for our life. we have to think about the after condition of divorce. thanks for sharing.

    9. guddu1251 says:

      very helpfull tips !

    10. anettgen says:

      Good tips for those struggling with the after effects of divorce!

    11. ma7medelgen says:

      good vedio

    12. SoSassy234 says:

      Awesome video! It was almost like listening to verbal meditation.

    13. darkgray101 says:

      This helpful video is for my neighbors. I will let them watch it. Kudos to you my friend for coming up with this.

    14. solidus37 says:

      geeeez, This is a good tip for those people who got divorced. For me I will use as a last resort. I don’t want my family to break up

    15. 21221asad says:

      Divorce is an odd thing in our life. We should avoid divorce any way. Thanks. Nice video clip.

    16. twishit says:

      This video is very helpful. I’ll favorite it…..thanks!

    17. akcent85 says:

      That would be really helpful who are currently coping with a divorce. Thanks for sharing this with us

    18. djfritz07 says:

      Thanks for sharing helpful tips, this is one of my favorite videos.

    19. shadyforever45 says:

      this video demonstrates one of the best Positive Thinking Technique. thanks for sharing this with us all

    20. panyanxian says:

      negative thoughts not only used in divorce things,but also used at other anything.

    21. eastariel says:

      Sometimes in divorce, bystanders jump in and judge, escalating the conflict, as if divorce is some kind of spectator sport. But the “judgment” for each divorce belongs only to the two people divorcing. Each divorce — just like each marriage — is unique, with its own set of challenges and toxins. We are each responsible for maintaining our own health. Divorce is difficult. Wouldn’t it be nice if bystanders would offer support instead of condemnation? That is especially helpful to the children.

    22. UyhgtNkjui says:

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    23. eastariel says:

      After extensive fighting, Israel and Palestine are contemplating divorce. They are considering how to tear their beloved Holy Land apart so each side gets a dead half.
      I am praying for reconciliation in Israelestine.
      The world can help by supporting them both — as a couple.

    24. eastariel says:

      Marriage isn’t always fun, but it is educational.

    25. thethirdq says:

      You really have a talent for making videos! Keep them coming

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