“Divorce Prank” Xbox Live F@G/Good Grief Collaboration

GoodGriefing teams up with DJ Keemstar from the Federation of Asshole gamers to attempt another awesome prank. DJ taking the role of an angry little kid and CRIMSON as his neglectful father. Directed/Edited by Crazy Filmmaker HALOAHOLES (F@G CHANNEL) www.youtube.com CRIMSONKANE www.youtube.com BECOME A FAN ON FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com FOLLOW CRAZY FILMMAKER ON TWITTER: www.twitter.com THE GOOD GRIEF PLAYLIST: www.youtube.com CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE FOR UPDATES: www.goodgriefing.net GET THE GOOD GRIEF INTRO BY GTWIST FROM ITUNES http FOR HILARIOUS GAMEPLAY VIDS BY GOODGRIEFING CAST: www.youtube.com SUSCRIBE TO GTWIST FOR HIS MUSIC AND VIDEOS: www.youtube.com

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    25 Responses to “Divorce Prank” Xbox Live F@G/Good Grief Collaboration

    1. BigtitsCheerleader69 says:

      Can i have a happy Meal?

    2. BigtitsCheerleader69 says:

      haha you guys need a mom! (:

    3. TheSweenyToad says:

      @MrKilerofU 2Bucks quit, Deranker quit, Robot joined Air Force. F@G is dead. At least for now.

    4. HackYourFace says:

      Lmao, I like how everyone is a butt hurt fag. That’s why I play MW2. They’re still there, just not as many.

    5. got2strpk says:

      Keemstars a sellout and has lost all of my respect i know one subscriber doesnt mean much but when its all videos adverting that creepy fuck alki i unsubbed

    6. HBRJMX says:

      Elmo has officially lost it…

    7. deathmountainahead says:

      please do make more of these!!!! xD

    8. FeelingtheBluze says:

      this was hinda hard to watch… iknow its a joke, but theres ALOT of assholes out there!

    9. WhiteboyFTW7thst says:

      did goodgrief call him self f@g ?

    10. TheChineseNinja95 says:

      @WhiteboyFTW7thst … f@g and goodgrief are different things

    11. HerbloreLover says:

      Kinnect guy = E P I C

    12. ja5on123321 says:

      the f@g channel is deleted i cant get in

    13. Freddie7191 says:

      That last line was incredible.

      “thank you”

    14. MultiDoubleup says:

      Sounds like elmo / Mickey mouse

    15. Zachattack172 says:

      @MultiDoubleup Don’t try to reword the top comments for thumbs ups, makes you look desperate

    16. hotstud678 says:

      jeremy made 149 accounts

    17. The1ManJusticeLeague says:

      Why does Filmmaker always die in every video?

    18. ogboz says:

      He sounds like timmy from the WKUK!!

    19. TacoShellzz says:

      You guys should’ve made it where the kid killed the dad at the end, I wonder if They would believe that

    20. cool8932 says:

      i muted the kids on my headphones gaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    21. harley07s says:


    22. itsmagnumb says:

      @HackYourFace The downside is MW2 is all noobtubers

    23. MrPiper1304 says:

      149 people got devorced that day

    24. lilksweezy says:

      Please do another divorce prank vid in the future. This is your best one yet!

    25. zBarThoLomeWz says:

      This is Outrageously Hilarious XD

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