Divorce Party!

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    25 Responses to Divorce Party!

    1. halcyon0830 says:

      Mrs. Fuji and Mr. Fuji – “When we smashed the ring, she and I had our first orgasm ever together.”

    2. Joxman2k says:

      Ceremonies are a part of human culture, and they all have there genesis from the human condition. Many like the Bar Mitzvah symbolize a changing in life.

      My daughter broke up with her boyfriend a while ago, and I told her to make sure she puts a period on the relationship and grieve, or else she will carry that hurt into the next one.

      I think the divorce party is a good idea 🙂

    3. bellchap says:

      hahha…the Fugees ^_^
      just kidding..I know it’s the Fujis haha.

    4. nickrd182 says:

      omg that’s awesome I love Japan! They are so ahead of all the christian conservative bullshit holding this country back.

    5. SickOfThisCrap1 says:

      @Joxman2k You shoulda told her to shave his eyebrows off and burn all his shit 😉

    6. Joxman2k says:


      Oh she has expressed that sentiment quite verbally, many times! She’s a teenager.

      …. usually a woman just cuts up the bastards clothes and spread rumors that he has VD.


    7. amaqula says:

      How sad! Glad I am a Catholic.


    8. amaqula says:

      How sad. Glad I am a Catholic 🙂


    9. fauxtwinny420 says:

      @johnqpublic81 thumbs up to that, well before and after I’d say but at least after, and with the after you don’t have to worry about the night before and the mistake you made, NO MISTAKES!!!!! johnq for president!

    10. Willettes1 says:

      OR you could sell the rings…

    11. colinsilver105 says:

      Did they invite the lawyer 2? And the new man/woman in their lives? hmm

    12. musiclovinggurl123 says:

      XD really Japan?

    13. TonPappa says:

      @amaqula LOL your kidding right?

    14. WolfJounin says:

      I love Japan.

    15. f00g3n says:

      hehe bachelor frog 😉

    16. RecklessYouth333 says:

      The Frog Mallet Deity of Change and Destruction… has decided.

    17. Lobos222 says:

      Hmm, do they only have Kermit hammers or do they also have the Cookie monster? I would prefer a Cookie monster hammer. 😀

    18. datniggami6 says:

      The Japanese are truly the coolest!

    19. SuperGrimmy says:

      Great idea. That’s a proper and official way to end it.

    20. Wolfman7870 says:

      I personally think a marriage license should expire like a driver’s license and every two years or so both parties just decide if they still want to stay in it.

    21. WispierTetrahedrons says:

      No gavel sound effect? Come on!

    22. Wolfman7870 says:


      There will be at least one.

    23. Guernicaman says:

      It’s better to celebrate a divorce in a party than have some ugly court battle. It shows both families there’s no ill feelings between the two. The marriage just didn’t work.

    24. Boomrod says:

      what I find funny is this is “tyt” and this dude is nowhere near his golden days.

    25. 115352 says:

      not as funny as if u type in “Hillarious divorce” and chek da first one out hehe wiked song

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