Divorce News: Changes in Family Law 2011

San Diego divorce attorneys discuss the changes to Family Law taking place in 2011. The discussion will focus on the recent Elkins ruling as it affects how all upcoming divorce cases will travel through the court system, introduces changes to live testimony, and requires stricter case management. New divorce cases in 2011 will function as mini-trials. This is the introductory portion to the Elkins ruling case discussion. It is part one of a six part mini-series. Parts II – VI will cover in great detail the Elkins Task Force, the effects of live testimony, whether oral testimony will make all divorces more expensive and time consuming, how divorce cases will now be managed in the court system, and the rules of evidence all clients opting for live testimony will be required to abide by. Part I: Divorce News: Changes in Family Law 2011 Part II: The Option of Live Testimony Part III: Live Testimony: Did Divorce Just Get More Expensive? Part IV: Live Testimony and the Rules of Evidence: What Can I Submit? Part V: The Elkins Task Force Part VI: New Case Management: One Judge Per Case? For more information on Divorce in California and Family Law news, please visit our website at www.LowensteinBrown.com MicheleSacks Lowenstein is a Certified Family Law Specialist based in San Diego. She’s a partner in Lowenstein Brown, a professional family law corporation, and has attained numerous honors, including being named a TOP San Diego lawyer in 2005, 2006, 2008, and 2009 by the San

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