Divorce Horse – Heartland – S02E12 – part 2

part two! enjoy and remember comments are always appreciated!! no copyright infringement intended, all clips belong to the CBC

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    25 Responses to Divorce Horse – Heartland – S02E12 – part 2

    1. butterzftw says:

      “Aww i feel so special” i Love amy!!(:

    2. Lykkebie says:

      lisa – back off!!!!

    3. thesaddleclubrocks98 says:

      “What if the curse works long distance?”
      “Oh, good gravy.”

    4. ginnyharryfan22 says:

      Ty, am I moody and beautiful?
      Shut up!

    5. blogspot77 says:

      I wish Kitt would disappear!

    6. Monkey24Trouble says:

      Grr. I hate Caleb. Stop interferring with Ty and Amy!

    7. randomreina says:

      i think lisa is really gettin on lou’s nerves lol

    8. elinheartstristin says:

      @xColourfulxInfusionx ty and amy are both equally stubborn. they are the type that will wait till they’re 80 years old to finally admit their feelings and get together.

    9. elinheartstristin says:

      amy is cute, but not beautiful.

    10. elinheartstristin says:

      HA!!!! i ABSOLUTELY LOVE 7:24

    11. BeachMist13 says:

      whats with Lisa in this one nagging on Lou so much……but Ty and Amy awwe. perfect for each other

    12. AwespersonRiteHere says:

      Lol. The look on the horse’s face when Amy and Ty were arguing.

    13. HunterJumperGirlyy says:

      That white horse is soo beautiful. And I bet she doesn’t like it that people are saying she’s cursed. xD

    14. EmoAnimals says:

      is it just me or did the look on the horses face look really creepy, funny yet cute? x3

    15. FencesorFlat says:

      I am going to have nightmares of that horses face for the next year.

    16. Cutiegirl149063 says:

      that lady keeps saying that horse is a boy when its a girl

    17. murojd says:

      I luv the new mackenzie {sry 4 the spelling lol suck at that]

    18. xXxJodieYxXx says:

      i love heartland soo much ive never seen a ranch quite like Heartland <3 <3

    19. CoolioCheeseio says:

      I luv Lisa! She’s awesome!

    20. Scoutx22 says:

      ‘Aw good gravy!’

    21. DancerAndMe123 says:

      ugh lisa!! in the books lou throws a fit st her over a wedding. only lisa is nancy in the books.

    22. majorfruit says:

      i prefer it when the make amy in a nicer mood like she is occasionally. and shes not all quiet and grumpy! This episode shes more friendly towards ty! 😀

    23. loverockyandjr says:

      amy :::::ty amy i moody and beautiful
      ty::::: shutup

    24. RockLikeBoulders says:

      Thankyou i love u for posting it!!

    25. alavonman1324 says:

      kissy face!!!!!!!!

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