Divorce Horse – Heartland – S02E12 – part 1

first part!!! sorry for the long wait, if u didn’t read in the video i just started a new semester at school, and that came with a lot of extra work =/ i WILL still be posting episodes but depending on my homework and stuff the entire new episodes could be put up a little bit later… no copyright infringement intended, all clips belong to the CBC

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    25 Responses to Divorce Horse – Heartland – S02E12 – part 1

    1. penelabelle says:

      i know your all gonna hate me but i dont care
      i like caleb
      if Ty cared about amy he wouldnt have left in the first place
      caleb was there to be her friend and comfort her
      of course feelings were gonna develope
      its only a show and even t=still there like 16 stop saying there in love
      every single comment is ty and amy should be together its annoying can one person not just say it and everybody else just say i agree

    2. 212horselover says:

      Hi dear i am new a this and imnot from USA but i want to yhank you because HERTLAND is my favorite program and i absolutly love wathiching it
      THANK YOU!!

    3. loriann1237 says:

      OK, so where’s Lisa?

    4. TheMajorAunt says:

      at 8:06 The horse looks so differnt!!

    5. FlyingAngell101 says:


    6. MsGemmaxxx says:

      When do Ty and Amy got together!!??!! Xxxx

    7. thesaddleclubrocks98 says:

      even if that horse is cursed, she’s absolutely gorgeous

    8. minnie11x says:

      Jack: ohh dont go there

    9. strikeliger7 says:

      Amber has ridiculous heels when she rides… I wish I had the flexibility to get mine down that far, haha!

    10. randomreina says:

      @glmannyfan yea i think tht their cutting back on the really horsey things and thts on of the resons why i started watchin this =)

    11. 13horseluvr says:

      @SunsetShadows1990 i was just gonna say the EXACT same thing

    12. 13horseluvr says:

      @penelabelle omg i was just gonna say the EXACT same thing

    13. Alectra27 says:

      Yeah I wanna see more horses less drama and that horse is beautiful but you never buy a horse for its looks and she probably just needs someone who looks past her looks and matches her personality but I get the feeling trouble is brewing uh-oh!

    14. TheMollydog400 says:

      i looove this show and i like the books but the shows better and TY is sooo hot

    15. taylorfan38 says:

      ty is like the hottest thing ever! sorry, had to get that out

    16. AmiiLeex3 says:

      I want that horse. Its gorgeous<3

    17. 0seabiscuit0 says:

      “This horse can smell a wedding a mile away. It’s at work already!”

    18. jumping9514 says:

      ‘Well, you’re a man,you’re not going to notice these things’ …so true!

    19. DamiBai says:

      i like lisa shes funny

    20. billyforever100 says:

      ”that horse can smell a wedding a mile away , its already working”
      so true LOL

    21. MsBuffaloRider says:

      Ians gonna be Lous man. (:

    22. randomrider92 says:

      OMNOMNOM I want that mare!

    23. murojd says:

      I luv the horse!!! soooooo prttyy!!

    24. murojd says:

      I luv the horse!!! soooooo prttyy!!… i have an idea im thinking the horse doesnt like men

    25. MegaParamoreFan13 says:

      that horse is beautiful!!!

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