Divorce for Pension Money Scam

Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss a recent federal court ruling against Continental Airlines. The court decided that Continental Airlines could not investigate their pilot’s divorces even if sham divorces are suspected. The Largest Online News Show in the World. Google+: www.gplus.to Facebook: www.facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com Subscribe: bit.ly FREE Movies(!): www.netflix.com Read Ana’s blog and subscribe at: www.examiner.com Read Cenk’s Blog: www.huffingtonpost.com

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    25 Responses to Divorce for Pension Money Scam

    1. NothingBut666 says:

      How can Ana condemn the pilots and their spouses for collecting pensions, yet praise that guy who bought a house for $16? In both cases they found loopholes in the system and exploited them for financial gain. I think it’s a tad hypocritical to call one guy a genius and the others disingenuous.

    2. evltoaster says:

      Cenk, you are in the wrong, sir.

    3. unassumption says:

      A LOT of divorced people live together…

    4. unassumption says:

      she likes airline companies more than banks? I don’t get it either I’m against gaming the system weather people or ‘corporate persons’ are doing it. Maybe a direct cost is more visible than an opportunity cost?

    5. clemssss says:

      @NothingBut666 Its kinda different.

    6. mesmokumpeacepipe says:

      yell and scream that gay marriage is destroying marriage but don’t make a sound when people get money to get a divorce, conservatards crack me up

    7. lifeisforaseason says:

      Who cares, marriage is for dummies anyways, it is nothing but a stupid ridiculous scam.
      It is a waste and it is foolish to ever get married.
      A wife basially does the combined function of a hooker, escort, nanny, and guidance counselor.
      You can simply hire all the above or less, really think about it.
      I’m glad that I’m not getting married.

    8. selfsenter says:

      If they pay the pilots enough this shit wont happen.
      Its a fucking airline , they make billions and throw pocket change at their employees , like this scam could even hurt them in any way.

    9. ChrisTripp says:

      I agree with the Judges decision. The company should change it’s policy. There people aren’t breaking a law, they’re just using a company policy to their advantage.

      It’s not illegal to live with your divorced spouse. They can always get married again at the courthouse for next to nothing.

    10. ilotitto says:

      Is refreshig to see you guys together again

    11. lloyd614 says:

      DRAMS!!!!!!! Classic TYT moment!!!!

    12. whydizz says:

      @sjnsingh1 That’s what I thought- just makin sure. Thanks guys

    13. underbjorn says:

      Continental Airlines? Sounds like the whole company is one big scam.
      Corporations, employers, unelected billionaire fitlh should in no way intrude on the private lives of employees.
      As long as now laws are broken, they don’t steal from the company or whatever, the employer should shut the fuck up and think about changing the policy instead.

    14. LiBlub1 says:

      I’m with Cenk. You can divorce but still love the person, maybe you were just tired of marriage, maybe you couldn’t afford to stay married. The pension policy was designed to handle marriage and divorce not feelings.

    15. davidkip88 says:

      I think marriage laws/policies may be the problem here… so don’t investigate, fix the bloody policy: ur loophole, ur screw up, fix it

    16. pir8prod says:

      I am confused. Doesn’t this scam just mean that they get some of thier pension money early?

    17. notdonebefore says:


    18. treyatl2006 says:

      I’m with Cenk and the Judge….. What the pilots are doing is not very ethical but it is what it is. You can not make a judgement based off the fact if the couple is living together. It’s not illegal for a divorced couple to live together. Besides, its actually becoming more popular for divorced couples to live together after the divorce for economic reasons and for their children. Plus, at the end of the day it is the pilot’s money. They are just getting it earlier than they normally would.

    19. manonthemount says:

      Perhaps if they had the confidence that the pension fund managers weren’t going to get repeatedly scammed by Wall Street insiders….

    20. manonthemount says:

      Yet another reason that we should respect the 14th amendment extension of the 1st, and grant equal protection under the law, regardless of marital status.

    21. XeclipseXZ says:

      They COULD cut the pilot’s original pension and give it to the spouse.End of the discussion also it will help them to stay together.

    22. aedmeig38 says:

      sally screwed around with bob? no way!

    23. callofdutyaddict1000 says:

      although some people who get divorced can’t afford to live in seperate houses so they share a house until they have enough money to seperate.

    24. layahma says:

      Press 2

    25. whythehell99 says:

      What does ‘drams’ mean? Drama?

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