Divorce, Evil Boss, and Loser Advice

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    25 Responses to Divorce, Evil Boss, and Loser Advice

    1. killatank54 says:

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    2. smokeanugget says:

      @MrSuper225 if you need study tips, you shouldnt be on you tube.

    3. FreshFromDaBasement says:

      woodys first pave low?

    4. orconoftime says:

      His mom sounds like a bitch…

    5. TheEaglesfan7789 says:

      dear woody i have a very pretty gf im scared i thinkshe wants to brake up wit me she will tell all of mi friends stuff behind mi bac buh im scared cause she tells them everything buh wen i tokk mi friends phone i found like her telling him everything bout me im scared i dont knoe if i shuld brake up wit her buh i luv her so much even though im 12 shes really cool and ive always wanted to kiss her ive nvr had a kiss mi friend tlks to her more than i do will u plzz help me?

    6. th3awsom3 says:

      Where do we send the MSG?

    7. AdeptHD says:

      @TheEaglesfan7789 Learn to speak English first.

    8. XxDemoNMuffiNxX says:

      @TheEaglesfan7789 what?

    9. assyriankid22 says:

      Dear woody, I’m 13 and I like this girl in my school she’s like the hottest girl In my school and she always flirts with me and stuff like that and acts sexy in front of me and as you know valentines day is coming up and I bought her a teddy bear to give to her on valentines day but all my friends boys and girls are saying she will say no will you help me please? Thank you 🙂

    10. CreatedByRene says:

      @assyriankid22 go for it bro 🙂

    11. MrSuper225 says:

      @smokeanugget im just saying that it would be a good video ya kno 🙂

    12. bioskaterboy says:

      Just make sure your mom isn’t using you for money…

    13. bioskaterboy says:

      @TheEaglesfan7789 I can answer that. First, learn how to spell. Second of all, just straight up tell her you saw the messages and talk to her about it. Don’t carry it on your shoulders. Also, if you do like her and she explains the messages well enough, try to ask if you can hang out with her more. stay after school, go to the park or each others house. hang out in town… whatever you can as long as its with her.

    14. BlorkaSnorka says:

      Hey woody, I am a normal kid having a good year at school, I have plenty of friends, but I have teachers who hate me and get me in trouble for no reason (ex: I got in trouble for kicking a soccer ball outside the school not aiming at anything, no joke) I am stressing out right now with the fact I have to go to school and deal with 3 donkeys harassing me for no reason. Please help.

    15. InsanelyJo3 says:

      Im a freshman in highschool and i can be known as a kind of class clown. My classmates always laugh at my jokes. Not trying to sound hot-headed, but they all think I’m a really great guy. However, i don’t really have any true friends. I just need help on being more social(especially with women) and on knowing if I have a true friend, someone who doesn’t just like me because Im funny, but likes me for me.ANy kind of help would be great, keep up the great videos.

    16. onlyusemyc4 says:

      How do we send a message to woody ?

    17. JaredAiken1 says:

      the first person should get motherfucker Jones and take care of the boss 😉 (horrible bosses reference :))

    18. FollowRevolutionNine says:

      Another awesome video 😛 Thanks Woody

    19. gmanh1 says:

      @assyriankid22 just go for it. who cares what your friends say boy or girl. they dont know that this girl doesnt like u. i would do it

    20. MrElihernandez says:

      Dear woody I have a 3in dick how will my sex life be like I’m only 16 help

    21. SocialTurtleMD says:

      I watch all of these and it’s one of my favorite series on YouTube. This one was particularly good. I favorite videos I believe are exceptional and really deserve to be my “favorite”. You’ve earned it, sir.

    22. sammco45 says:

      You’re always on a hot streak Woody! Keep it up! 🙂

    23. edgzio says:

      How do u send woody a message

    24. suckmynade says:

      @edgzio go to channel and click send message

    25. PhazerShotz says:

      Woody has a sexy hairline.lol

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