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    25 Responses to DIVORCE & DONUT PRINCE COMMERCIAL (w/ George Lopez)

    1. black6chinese says:

      awesome you guys!

    2. iCadaverx says:

      @Vrud2601 You jerk. I was just about to leave a comment saying just that. D;

    3. iCadaverx says:

      We are open, Twenty three seven ! 😀

    4. lukehtube says:

      dont get a divorce, get a donut LOL

    5. SilentHillFanGroup says:

      What does the guy who goes ‘get a room’ say about phoning his wife?

    6. swugirl24 says:

      @SilentHillFanGroup That guy??? George Lopez said “got to call my wife; I love her so much.”

    7. Simpsonsfan1650 says:

      Where’s the Krispie Kreme

    8. SilentHillFanGroup says:

      @swugirl24 Thankyuu, he sorta mumbles it (or is that just me!!)

    9. SilentHillFanGroup says:

      Rainbow sprinkle donut!! 😀

    10. kimberlyssy says:

      This is awesomeness only rhett and link could create.

    11. danofazz says:

      0:20 he doesnt even wink!! lol

    12. muscledluke says:

      Just fun!!

    13. cconroy11 says:

      you can’t fill a hole with a dounut, unless its a jam dounut

    14. BonJoviBeatlesLedZep says:

      @Vrud2601 Not if that donut is BANANA

    15. BonJoviBeatlesLedZep says:


    16. GlamourGirls64 says:

      Don`t get a divorce… get a donut! LOL

    17. Vrud2601 says:

      @BonJoviBeatlesLedZep lol, yah 😛

    18. runescapmoneyman says:

      those donuts look gross

    19. StarrBunnyy says:

      @Vrud2601 not if you also get the banana

    20. goodgirlsguide says:

      So what do single people do with donuts?

    21. 13FirePyro says:

      @Vrud2601 unless the donut has jelly in it lol

    22. JayLovePlaysGuitar says:

      i love how they say donut

    23. Simpsonsfan1650 says:

      I bet views have gone up 10% since its been on Rude Tube!

    24. dextrosol11 says:

      donut get a divorce!

    25. PInkisbeautifulBCA says:

      “Don’t get a divorce, get a donut.” That has got to be the best thing i’ve heard all week.

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