Divorce Disasters

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    24 Responses to Divorce Disasters

    1. Alexthemessiah says:


    2. TEAMxLEFTY says:

      Princess bride!!!!!!!!

    3. charityamis says:

      I think there should be a minumum 1 year pre-marriage period. Your married, but it is not legal until you have spent one year being married. I don’t see why the legal part should matter, but if it doesn’t work out within the year, no long divorce process. Just separate and move along.

    4. 88GODZORA88 says:

      Society needs to fix ITSELF. Marriage hasn’t changed. People have just messed it up

    5. MrFlurben says:

      What is this world coming too!!!!!

    6. chrisfoucha says:


    7. Loalrikowki says:

      How about “application of physical force to produce distress for the purpose of a predetermined outcome”. If the kid is too young to be negotiated with, they probably aren’t fully grasping the cause-effect chain you’re trying to set up.

    8. zedd6257 says:

      All I have to say is this… Marriage takes work… Parent together 30 years… Still strong but they admit to up and downs way downs . it takes work from both sides so in my personal opinion laziness and not having self control is what brings marriages down.

    9. Topazkat73 says:

      Hubby and I been together 16 yrs, married almost 14. It’s work ppl! Stop giving up when it gets hard and take hot face out of the video screen long enough to actually communicate with each other. Real woman aren’t hoochies who dance half naked, sleep with everyone and real men respect woman.

    10. ltsarcastic says:

      TWU LWUV

    11. ftgv1 says:

      Why on earth does Lee have a spoon hanging around her neck?

    12. airgear87 says:

      marriage is stupid and pointless, almost no other species practices monogamy. Marriage is a silly old religeous practice that will someday be phased out.

    13. TheLaserlord says:

      it does look like the phasing process has started but we probaly wont see it compleet in our lifetime…sadly

    14. TheLaserlord says:

      good luck ???

    15. eclecomte2 says:

      I think people get married to young, then as they get older who they are and what they want change in life, and they become no longer compatible with their partner.

    16. stangrebel37 says:


    17. Bridgiedidge5 says:

      And yet two people of the same sex who love each other and want to dedicate their lives to each other can’t get married because it will ruin the sanctity of marriage!

    18. FlamingoWords says:

      I’d text you back, Lee. Text you back GOOD.

    19. graywolfman says:

      Lower your standards, increase your average. BAM! Problem solved.

    20. enriqueDFTL says:

      I WILL TEXT YOU BACK. Promise. =3

    21. JJE514 says:

      How would nobody text Lee back…?

    22. justsmileallthewhile says:

      I think Lee and Elliott should get married, they would be cute 😉

    23. Pakatak2147 says:

      thumbs up for mawwage

    24. planetlexicon says:

      Elliott is already married.

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