Divorce Court: Ungrateful Woman 2 of 2

The wife is leaving her husband because he treats her too good. This is why there are no longer any good men out here!!!

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    25 Responses to Divorce Court: Ungrateful Woman 2 of 2

    1. MegaManZeroV1 says:

      She’s gonna find out the hard way that karma is truly a bitch.

    2. knarxed says:

      He has most of the traits that a good man should have, but one of the lacking qualities is that he does not have a solid backbone to put her wife in check.

      Her attitude alone shows me she does not respect her husband, and he does not respect himself. If she respected him, she would not do the things that she has done, such as leave for a while while saying “I’ll be back.” She would have more respect for him if he did not accept behavior like that, and all of the other bullshit from her.

    3. cnell25 says:

      tswagg504 wrote:

      “This is what good black men go through. Its very common place”

      The sad part about this is M0ST BW are oblivious to this. They think BM on youtube are making this stuff up.

      Its just further proof that alot of BW really dont want the good men they claim to want.

    4. rmsolympic1 says:

      he’s an excellent man; she’s like a troll with a pretty face. he’s going to have to let her go completely. she’s absolutely not on his level: horribly immature and self-centered. once again, he is a superb man-I am a man and am delighted with this man. And to stay that way, he needs to remain himself and flee from women like this one.

    5. Knightrider03m says:

      I think you can.

    6. REVwilliebeamon says:

      I hope all black men take a look at this video. I want them to realize that black bitches ain’t shit. A nigga must be a damn fool to get seriously involved with one of these bitches.

    7. disssmaster says:

      She left him because he wasn’t able to see anymore. That is sad to think that a good brother is getting shafted by his wife. Marriage means for better or worse.

    8. disssmaster says:

      She left him because he wasn’t able to see anymore. That is sad to think that a good brother is getting shafted by his wife. Marriage means for better or worse.

    9. stali28 says:

      the only difference between this women is she’ s on tv admitting that she wants a guy to treat her like shit…most women of all races want a guy to treat them bad in some way or another,don’t believe me…four a week treat your girl like a queen,and the next week treat her like shit and she how she reacts ..

    10. showermanUB2 says:


    11. akl000 says:

      That wife is heartless

    12. irep9jaa says:

      She’s a bitch, she deserves a tragic death! silly bitch

    13. irep9jaa says:

      I don’t think this has anything to do with the man having respect for himself, Imagine her saying in the court room “He’ can’t see” and she thinks its a joke! this bitch is just sick and ungrateful sick fuck! I’m a black guy and it pains me to watch this! Someone tell me its a joke!

    14. ladyhype19 says:

      she’s a bitch ,

    15. macmall90 says:

      shes sad crazy dumb

    16. 803HighRollers says:


    17. jizzy2sexi says:

      I hope dis bitch next boyfriend does some Chris brown shit to her everyday cause some bitches don’t have their priorities straight 1st they want a church going, mommas boy, gentleman then they want a Y.G, bricks selling, thug WTF I won’t have zero sympathy for this bitch cause she basically shitted on the nigga that treated her right so get your ass beat cause thats what u want & I guess used too
      guess its right what they “You can’t treat a hoe like a housewife” SMFH

    18. jizzy2sexi says:

      This has nothing to do with what country their from cause theres women & men like this in every continent & country hoes who aren’t used to being respected and good man

    19. rosiedosie says:

      so many people is right about this woman. dumb bitch

    20. ohyeahilovegirlz says:

      OMG, Someone plz Bitch Slap her

    21. Iraqnback says:

      so what you’re saying is that he should yell at her when she dont listen and then she can use his aggressiveness against him…….Im sorry but you’re wrong. This is a situation where he’s damned if he do and damned if he doesnt…

    22. RSTLESS1234 says:

      damnn he wasted his time on this women.. shes not even grateful fo the things he done for her and kids..
      He’ll find someone better =D

    23. SuquonMRod says:

      Most women would love a man like this —

      But Rashida’s attitude has done shifted —

      I began to think this show I’d never miss —

      But it’s too bad all this stuff is scripted.

    24. soopaman21 says:

      are you serious, is it really scripted! i was laughing my hed off wacthing this, she lost her mind for real

    25. baller111385 says:

      damn dis dude reminds me of myself…… we both were so damn nice and so got played

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