Divorce Court: Ungrateful Woman 1 of 2

The wife is leaving her husband because he treats her too good. This is why there are no longer any good men out here!!!

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    25 Responses to Divorce Court: Ungrateful Woman 1 of 2

    1. iabaca says:

      holly shit u jus said it ther.

    2. mskiara101 says:

      hahaha i knew this one was gonna be up here. i bet that makes u feel real good bout urself lol comments like that only proves your pathetic-ness!

    3. mskiara101 says:

      she is a dumb ass bitch!

    4. mskiara101 says:

      smdh@u watchin a video on youtube bout 1 black woman sayin her man is too nice, and all black women are like that smdh lets not even get started on black men lol

    5. GraigAntonio says:

      Slap-a-hoe ISD fopr dis bitch

    6. chubble101 says:


    7. kickisaacout says:

      this bitch is CRAZY

    8. akl000 says:

      That woman is stupid what she complaining about she has a perfect man…

    9. LUBBY24 says:

      First reaction was OMG she’s a dumb bitch…but after listening to her I’m like…I feel sorry for her. To have something that many people wish for, and not appreciate it! Geez. Seems to me that she has some issues that she needs to work through. Too many women look for and believe that bad behavior, arguments, and cheating are a vital part of a relationship. Women like this should have to pay restitution for messing up a good man.

    10. grn100cash says:

      Was that lady in an old abusive realtionship? She thinks he will hurt her and it will never happen. Well she can pick up a guy that just got out of jail.

    11. Drlove20 says:

      She is a fcking idiot….nuff said

    12. GISweetPea says:

      She is just plain stupid, but there are some women out there like that. Most women wish that they had a man like that.

      I hope that her frame of mind does not rub off on her children.

    13. MusicalAgenda says:

      LMAOOOO and no man would date em lmaoo

    14. macmall90 says:

      spotlight be quiet shes sad for this bullshit women like that make it hard for the real women out there

    15. Clauria32 says:

      This is a basic b*tch if I ever did see one. How is your husband going to be TOO nice?

    16. jizzy2sexi says:

      I hope dis bitch next boyfriend does some Chris brown shit to her everyday cause some bitches don’t have their priorities straight 1st they want a church going, mommas boy, gentleman then they want a Y.G, bricks selling, thug WTF I won’t have zero sympathy for this bitch cause she basically shitted on the nigga that treated her right so get your ass beat cause thats what u want & I guess used too
      guess its right what they “You can’t treat a hoe like a housewife” SMFH

    17. jizzy2sexi says:

      yea props for her for keeping it 100 but she’s still seem like 1 of them smut bitches who aren’t used to being treated right & respected and women like that need niggas that basically shit on them so he was gulliable in that sense cause he was try’na make a housewife out of a hoe

    18. Mistyn79 says:

      She is using that “too nice” excuse as a cover up. I’m sure that’s not the real reason for her leaving him. She needs to Grow Up and tell this man the truth; be a woman about it!

    19. DominicanKIDdDR says:



      she needs mental help! I would kill 4 a man like that! wtf,yo!

    21. osobajay says:

      get a life dumbo!…. i think she speaks for 8-% of ladies…. none of them wants a nice guy… nice guys are too boring for them

    22. dupreetheking says:

      And black women have the audacity to wonder why GOOD black men are dating outside of their race. Most black women don’t appreciate or even want a GOOD black man. The black women that DO appreciate a GOOD black men are a minority.

      Broaden your horizons black men, there are some beautiful(mentally, physically, and emotionally) women of other races that would love to have you!

    23. RedmanX2K6 says:

      This is why black women don’t want a black man like me…BITCHES LIKE HER!!!

      PS My name is RASHID and she puts the name (almost) into shame.

    24. myjazzvibes says:

      I’m with you on that!

    25. LaRaina28 says:

      this woman has some deep psychological issues she needs serious intense counseling and I am even more worried about her daughters.

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