Divorce Court: To All Our Black Brothers…A Lesson Learned

A wake up message….

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    25 Responses to Divorce Court: To All Our Black Brothers…A Lesson Learned

    1. aquafishsoup says:

      hey was that axl?

    2. tlove610 says:

      @zethiopia She don’t always take the woman’s side. I am a black man saying this.

    3. soccergurl36 says:

      what does trifling mean?? did i even spell that right?

    4. impatientwithdesire says:

      @Lilart1981 according to what women??

      maybe there are just too much weak ass dudes and not enough strong ones

      ever thought about that?

    5. impatientwithdesire says:

      @KINGLEGENDIDAS or in other words most of you are thugs

    6. impatientwithdesire says:

      @Lockjawx27 maybe you should think about the fact that there arent a lot of good men to choose from in a society that pressures women to have men at all times

    7. impatientwithdesire says:

      @platniumalstar06 lol and white women will stick to your credit card and future divorce papers

    8. Lilart1981 says:

      @impatientwithdesire Yes there is! Tell me something I don’t know.

      There are definitely more weak dudes just as there are more trash ass females than classy, dignified ones! It’s called Quality and/or Character & there will always more more Quantity than Quality. That’s anything in life!

      and please don’t come at me like you made a point cause I can’t simply ask you, “Who raised most of these weak ass niggas?” and who chose the bum ass daddies that left?

      Ever thought about that???

    9. impatientwithdesire says:

      @Lilart1981 who raised them? none of their father

      a woman cant make a male become a man
      a man is supposed to help out with that

      their mothers didnt put the gun in their hands
      the mother wasnt the one they were frustrated at for not celebrating their birthdays
      their mother wasnt the one they were angry at when they joined that gang

      it was their bum ass dads!

      what a cop out your comment is

      in any other race of men they would cut their balls off before saying what you said

      weak ass nigga

    10. impatientwithdesire says:

      @Lilart1981 dont blame the mother for what the father didnt do

      what kind of men find excuses not to raise their own flesh and blood?
      what kind of men blame women for everything?

      fuckin faggot go suck a dick, get aids and die

    11. Lilart1981 says:

      @impatientwithdesire All you had to do was answer the question cause that’ll solve the CORE PROBLEM but being the slut, skank, butch ass bitch that you are, you just had to skip over the most important part!

      There’s plenty of Slut, hoodrat females out there! Who raised them? The MOTHER. Now I can understand how it’s difficult to raise the boys into women but yall raggedy bitches can’t even raise your daughter correctly. Why do most of them grow into hoes? A man has nothing to do with that!

    12. Lilart1981 says:

      @impatientwithdesire U so conveniently skipped over my question, there are plenty sorry ass niggas out there & WHO’S PICKING THESE BUM ASS NIGGAS TO HAVE KIDS WITH? He didn’t put a gun to her head either but yet they fucked! The stupid bitch knows he won’t be there but has the child any fuckin way!

      Yall got all the power but yet in still get mad when somebody says be responsible.

      Cop out? For stating the truth? It’s rotten, garbage ass bitches like you that makes masturbation relevant…

    13. Lilart1981 says:

      @impatientwithdesire and one more thing, FUCK YOU BITCH!

      I hate stupid bitches that always has a comment but no fuckin solutions! It’s hoes like you that thinks being a hoodrat gives you liberation while simultaneously proving that bitches do as much dirt as men when given the opportunity!

      What makes me a faggot because I don’t agree with you? U are Worthless. You got offended because you’re one of those raggedy bitches that’s fucking the world apart! Stop spreading AIDS you scum bitch!

    14. RealGrownandSexy says:

      she broke brother man done so that he can be built up by this teaching. i love her

    15. ernk72 says:

      @Lilart1981 lol yeah they are always suprised when its raining out and like why am i wet lol if i cut my wrist then jump in a pool full of sharks im not gonna be suprised when they eat my ass lol but what can you do woman are alot smarter than u think they just play dum like oh why did my thug do that lol.

    16. Lilart1981 says:

      @ernk72 Yeah I really hope they’re smarter than they’re displaying because if not it’s gotta be miserable to be as stupid as they seem!

      Their logic is shitty at best which is why I treat them as cartoon charcter or a figment of my imagination!!!

    17. ernk72 says:

      @Lilart1981 lol

    18. 2hottric says:

      @tlove610 no she dnt

    19. 2hottric says:

      @Lilart1981 and the sad thing about is we have to many thug ass black men in this world if they did not have have thug as men from the get go then women will have no other choice but to get with the good guys and this shit need to stop with these black men because they kill each other as something as simple as u steped on my shoe so if we jus never had thugs to ever exist then women would not have to worry about those type of men

    20. 2hottric says:

      @KINGLEGENDIDAS true but at the same time it saddens me to see black men to have i dnt give a fuck atittudes and jus go around fucking and nutting in this and that girl pussy like as if they cant catch nothing commiting all types of crime as if they dnt no better if black women i mean all black women decided to become dikes then we will still have black men killing each other off and that is what she is talikng about black men not caring

    21. Lilart1981 says:

      The black woman is the so-called backbone of our community & they raise the boys into insensitive pricks while promoting this fraudulent thug image! They also teach these niggas that being irresponsible is cool. most of them niggas are FAKE THUGS & females love fake ass niggas!

      Most of them niggas are Insecure which is why they keep guns on them! Realistically the black community is fucked up at best. The women are garbage & the fellas are bitch-made for the most part.

      I give up on niggas

    22. KINGLEGENDIDAS says:

      @2hottric it’s funny how you have a one sided view on this and it’s law. Women are the gatekeepers, no one can get in unless they say yes…so if men are going around fucking and nutting it’s because the women wanted that. People DECIDE to become homosexual because they are mentally unstable. Black men kill each other off partly because they have no self worth, and society in general (including our very own women) do not have a high value for black males. The women teach, directly and indirect

    23. maxluxur says:

      never heard it explained like that before,makes me wanta’ call my babies mama and apologize…

    24. AllPro777 says:


      The sad part is that too many black women see guys who live right, as corny and soft. But a lot of this has to do with the way American society is being f-ed up by these false images of masculinity, because all races of women living here are attracted to stupid men who wear a fake image. Over in Africa, women there want a guy who is responsible and can provide. We’ve let this society’s nonsense poison our women to the point that seeking a stable partner is frowned on.

    25. Lilart1981 says:

      @AllPro777 Well American women wants a fuck-up until they get bout 400,000 miles on the “Hoe-domiter” but wants a CAPT. SAVE A HOE to swoop her & her 6 kids up to care for them when she’s all used up!

      They only mission is to use them then when she can’t control him or his money dries up then she divorces him & moves to the next Sucker or so-call REAL MAN! I don’t wanna be a real man. Fuck that!

      They are extremely Selfish & it’s only getting worst so arm yourself bruh cause they’re coming!

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