Divorce Court 1- Deitra Hicks (Actress From Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Reunion)

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    25 Responses to Divorce Court 1- Deitra Hicks (Actress From Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Family Reunion)

    1. PABoi00 says:


    2. StrwbryMuffin says:

      Oh wow, that was funny!! You never know what people go through in life. I pray for them!!

    3. Bronx1115 says:

      Now I see where Tyler Perry gets his material from….lol

    4. highgradechub says:


    5. alicialover88 says:

      They should have a Divorce Court with Why Did I Get Married with Marcus and Angela that would be funny

    6. TheMinisterofPraise says:

      thats the man from blessed and crused, he was bishop wright

    7. TheMinisterofPraise says:

      she said everytime he lie , she got to punch him in the face

    8. TheMinisterofPraise says:

      this is a MUST right here!!!! Everybody need to watch this

    9. reggienyeelawson1 says:

      Deitra Hicks is so damn sexy

    10. brebre10291996 says:


    11. taleahb says:

      Is thiis show real??? Its hilarious…

    12. MrRossT1 says:

      SHow is fake, fake fake!! 🙂 Love the acting!!! 🙂

    13. edwardcullen123ify says:

      what’s done in the dark
      laugh to keep from crying

    14. dafco154231230 says:

      10:10 haahhahahahahahaha oooooooooh yeeeeaaaah
      11:05 did she just say i am a victim? i am a victim! lord have mercy

    15. hanock1998 says:

      is this fake or real? cause i’m not sure

    16. TheXclusiveme says:

      her humming is nigga nonsense omg so embarassing lol i cant!!!

    17. Delcanine says:

      How could the judge ask “How could you not know that” when the woman said she did not know that the ring belonged to someone else, like seriously?? How is she supposed to know?

    18. Chellefan says:

      Why did the judge say therapy like that? LMAO!

    19. mtv21 says:

      @ashelay2011 looks* like*

    20. 7amod1996 says:

      she got her ring :P

    21. Tyboogie00 says:

      OMG this is TOOOO funny

    22. 9395538 says:

      Wow this was one of the funniest things I ever watched wtf. Is she really crazy n real life I hope this was fake if not how does Tyler Perry pick his cast. “Everytime he lied i punched him n his face.” DAMN, If u r n a bad mood just watch this n at the end u will feel so much better.

    23. JustasIam147 says:

      The husband looks familiar also was he in anything?

    24. JustasIam147 says:

      He’s an actor too i saw him in that gospel movie Detrick Haddon and KCS. I don’t know what else he’s been in though.

    25. obmak45 says:

      Madame la juge avait été diplomatique , souple, c´était magnifique de sa part.

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