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BayAreaDivorceCoach.com (650)206-9225 Divorce Coach Divorce Coach Michael Thomas has been working with men, women, couples, parents and new spouses who are either going through their own divorce, or have someone close to them suffering the turmoil of divorce for over 26 years. As a seasoned veteran divorce coach, Michael has worked through well of 1000 divorces in that time, and is well qualified to work with you as a divorce coach. While the traditional role of the divorce coach is to work with both parties to resolve issues of the relationship and the divorce, to prepare both parties for life after divorce, and to aid the parties in their divorce recovery — Michael see’s his divorce coach practice more as an advocate divorce coach. His hybrid divorce coaching style is far more appropriate for the majority of divorcing couples who have contentious issues in their marriage that become difficulties in their divorce. His role as a divorce coach is to help minimize the angst, cost and long term harm that 85% of divorces create as couples seek to end their bad marriages. As a divorce coach, Michael is typically working with only one of the two embattled parties, and thus dedicates all of his divorce coaching efforts into his client’s most beneficial outcome. Often it is the case in divorce where one of the parties has the upper hand — financially, emotionally or perhaps physically as in custody of the home or children. With less than 20% of all divorces ending amicably, it

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