Divorce Casserole – Thor’s Kitchen

The Superbowl and imminent divorce–Thor commemorates both events with a special casserole. Thor’s hammer created by www.operasceneshop.net

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    25 Responses to Divorce Casserole – Thor’s Kitchen

    1. Greenmanb275g says:


    2. SpitzNamen597 says:

      seen this 7 times

    3. SpitzNamen597 says:


    4. thatoneflamingguy says:

      @SpitzNamen597 faggot

    5. piwright42 says:

      Moar THOR!

    6. Lancenova says:

      Ah, that’s what I’m talking about! Go Thor!

    7. hollowcaustic says:

      Hey don’t be giving Hot Pocket any bright ideas

    8. alchemest says:

      OMFG did not stop laughing!!!

    9. pausebeforeviewtube says:

      This show is so funny. I am so glad it’s back.

    10. BlackLegion104 says:


    11. rindigo61 says:

      you know it’s lame, but you know it’s funny;)

    12. StaraziaSelin66 says:

      did you do this after filming Beer and Board Games?

    13. piwright42 says:

      Hahahah Bottle of The Kraken on the fridge behind Thor’s right shoulder. Mix with Dr. Pepper for special yum I call a Sawbones. You should try it at your next Beer and Boardgames.

    14. t3hbastard says:

      I love these. Please bring this back as a regular thing.

    15. silvertiger98 says:

      I feel a little uilty for laughing so hard

    16. LilMotegi says:

      Absolutely brilliant!

    17. eveplayer12 says:

      matt drop this character OR FOREVER BE DOOMED!

    18. phantombest1220 says:

      I don’t know what to do Should I laugh since it’s funny should I cry for Thor’s divorcement?

      p.s I decided to laugh after two hours of pondering, but when suddenly the computer turned off for no reason, I started to cry out loud.

    19. sethbramwell says:


    20. LiquidZ2k says:

      The block keeps changing time, what sorcery is this?!

    21. laxgod01 says:

      @phantombest1220 what a great story….

    22. phantombest1220 says:

      @laxgod01 thanks man. by the way, IT’S TRUE STORY!!!

    23. Heisenberg11788 says:

      I love Thor’s Kitchen!

    24. rosstrotter says:

      Shit is gettin’ real!

    25. ouroborosbite says:

      I am weeping… It’s so funny

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