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Call (412) 349-0938 Today. “Doing Law Right!” www.deltalawgrp.com Divorce Attorneys Pittsburgh Are you starting to realize that your relationship with your spouse may be over? You are probably worried about what will happen to your home, personal property or paycheck if you should decide to start the process of divorce. Delta has Divorce Attorneys Pittsburgh and surrounding areas with the experience and caring attitude that you need to reduce your worries and get you through this difficult time. These are natural worries but Delta’s divorce attorneys Pittsburgh have been through these issues many times before and can give you answers. These issues are either settled by fighting (litigating in court) or by agreement between the parties (settlement agreement) or some combination of both. SOLUTION 1. Delta Evaluates Your Situation. Delta’s Divorce Attorneys Pittsburgh evaluate your current situation including your need for financial support, child custody, housing and personal property division. Most importantly, we will determine if you need funding for your divorce. 2. Delta Creates a Plan of Action. Delta’s Divorce Attorneys Pittsburgh will develop a plan of action to deal with your needs in the areas of financial support, child custody, housing and personal property division. This plan may include filing for child support, spousal support, child custody and other requests for relief from the court. Many times we can work with your spouse and/or spouse’s attorney to

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